How Non-Original Canon Cartridges Could Save You Money

Owning a printer is expensive and if you are paying out for Canon printer ink every time you need a top-up then you are probably keen to find a cheaper way forward. The great news is that we are here to help and will share why genuine ink costs so much and why compatible ink is the best way forward.

Why Genuine Ink Costs So Much

Many printer companies will tell you that their ink is the only good choice and that they charge a premium to give you the best quality. For example, the HP 60XL ink is incredibly expensive when you choose to buy from the manufacturer but we do it because we want to keep our printers running successfully.

However, the price of a genuine ink cartridge includes the cost for advertising, staff pay, printer component and other costs as well as the ink itself. Which means that up to 60% of what you are paying has nothing at all to do with the ink itself. Put simply, you are being conned.

Why Compatible Ink is Great

There are so many reasons that compatible ink is a much better choice and we wanted to share some of the most obvious reasons:

  • It costs less – the average saving for customers ranges from 50% – 75%, meaning that you can look forward to great savings every time you purchase!
  • It gets delivered to your door – most specialist ink companies offer free of low-cost delivery straight to your door so that you don’t need to make a special trip to the store when you run out.
  • The ink cartridges are fuller – interestingly, compatible ink cartridges are always full compared to genuine ink that is often half full. This means that you are paying less and getting much more value.
  • You pay for what you get – when you buy compatible ink, you are only ever paying for ink. So goodbye to all the additional costs that are added on to genuine ink and look forward to paying for what you ordered.
  • The service is great – you will always get great service from specialist ink companies and can look forward to long return periods and 24/7 customer support.

When you decide to try compatible ink, take your time to shop around and find a decent supplier. Specialist ink companies are the best to go for because they only sell ink and need your ongoing custom in order to stay in business. One of the best companies out there is Smart Ink as they not only offer excellent ink but have a great reputation for customer care and great prices.

Try Compatible Ink Today

The next time you need ink, try a compatible Canon cartridge, and save yourself some serious cash! Not only is this ink cheaper and easier to get delivered, but it is also often better in quality and lasts longer. Stop letting big name printer companies scare you into buying their ink and take back control of your ink budget – you will be glad that you did!