How Technology Has Changed Divorce

An uncontested divorce is often far more affordable than a contested divorce, although it doesn’t make the process any easier. Divorce is an ugly word and filing for divorce is an awful thing for any couple to do, whether they’ve been together for forty years or four months. However, divorce has changed dramatically within the last few years and it’s all because of the introduction of technology, namely, the internet.

Despite what you might believe technology has played a massive part in modern-day life and has kick-started a revolution that takes difficult manual tasks, such as buying groceries and filing for divorce, and turns them into easier manageable chores. Daily life still remains a challenge (and decisions can’t be taken lightly) but many things have been made easier over time and it’s essential for most individuals. Did you know you could get a divorce over the internet? No? Well, you can, and it’s all because of the advancement of technology.

However, while the divorce laws and processes haven’t changed, the overall process can be made somewhat easier because of the technology behind the internet. How is that possible? There are now services available that make applying for a legal separation and ultimately a divorce online far easier. It’s simpler for everyone involved (and removes some pressure from the court system), as well as being less stressful. Online divorce is only possible because of technology, but strangely, technology is often the reason behind the divorce. In truth, it has the ability to end a marriage as much as it has the ability to create one.

So, how has technology changed the way people view and approach divorce?

How Has Technology Changed The Face Of Divorce?

Think about this for a moment: what do you know about divorce in general? Do you understand the various legal papers to be filed? Do you know about the actual divorce procedure? For those who’ve been through a divorce, they will know the process like the back of their hand and won’t find it as daunting as though going through it for the first time, but, even still, it’s often an emotional process. When you know very little about divorce, it’s confusing and frightening because there is so much to consider (even with an uncontested divorce) that you start to panic about the smallest of things.

However, you should note that traditional divorce usually requires attorneys to represent both parties, divorce papers must be completed and filed with the court and spouses must be served. When that’s done, the actual legal proceedings can begin and so it’s a long, drawn-out process that can last for several years. You wouldn’t think a divorce could turn so complicated, but it can, and that’s why more people look at divorce over the internet. It’s a very emotional time for all, whether children are involved or not. However, technology has allowed couples to get an affordable divorce – without an attorney – faster.

How is online divorce possible? Technology has improved the way we use the internet, as well as the number of resources, tools, and services available. For instance, there are many websites aimed at divorce and helping those who may be contemplating ending their marriage. Some websites talk about how couples can identify when it’s time to divorce, while others offer advice about starting over and how to handle a divorce – all created by legal professionals. However, other websites offer online services for visitors to start divorce proceedings. Online services can offer a basic package for users (in exchange for a small fee), and some will actually file papers with the local court and serve the spouse.

The advance of technology has made it all possible. Documents can be filled out electronically (online), printed and sent to the local courthouse, which makes filing for divorce simpler and a lot faster too. Technology has changed divorce for the better because even if you can’t locate your former spouse or are no longer in communication with them, the technology can. You can track them down online via social media or allow a divorce service to find them. Or, you could spend slightly more and have an online service do the legwork by serving the spouse on your behalf. Costs are far more affordable too which is ideal.

Tracking and Locating MIA Spouses

Let’s say you and your spouse are no longer living together and haven’t been in contact for over a year, you don’t know which state they reside in and have no clue where to find them. What options are open to you? Well, most people would spend thousands on a private investigator to track down their spouse so that they know where to serve them; and then there’s the added expense of getting them served in that location. However, with new technology, it has removed the need for such arduous (and costly) tasks!

You could use social media platforms to track down the missing spouse, or (depending on which service you use) if you were using an online divorce service, they could find and serve them instead. The internet has certainly changed the way people can be found and how the information they put online can be used, especially in a divorce.

A More Affordable Divorce

Would you rather pay ten thousand dollars in legal fees and costs or three thousand dollars? No-one wants an expensive divorce; everyone wants a nice affordable divorce that doesn’t leave them too much out-of-pocket. Filing for divorce is simple enough, but going to court and hiring a team of attorneys can be very expensive. With the latest technology, it has made it unnecessary to spend any more than absolutely necessary on a divorce. Documents can be provided online and the actual divorce papers can be served by an online service too. It’s a process which is getting easier by the minute – or rather by the advance of technology!

Technology Removes the Stress and Emotion of Divorce

Traditional divorce takes up a lot of energy, emotion and adds more stress to an already distressing time. It’s a nightmare for all those involved and it doesn’t get any better even when it’s an uncontested divorce. However, a few years ago, it wasn’t possible to remove the emotion or stress from a divorce, but today, it’s different. There is still a lot of emotion and stress, but, a divorce can be handled relatively easy in comparison, all through technology. It can kick-start the process and take away some of the emotion; of course, the wounds are still raw, but, by reducing the overall emotion, it’s a lot less pressure on both spouses.

Getting a divorce over the internet is incredibly easy to do – without an attorney – and it’s all down to technology and how far it has come. Of course, divorce isn’t plain sailing, but with the advances in technology, it has made the entire process somewhat simpler. People don’t have to panic or get stressed out about filing court papers or even locating a spouse, technology has made it easier to do all those things and more.

Technology Has the Potential to Make Divorce Even More Bitter

While there are many positives about technology and divorce, there are also a few negatives. Getting an uncontested divorce over the internet is incredibly easy to do, but, tension can be created via technology too. For example, when you’re going through a divorce and things have been fairly reasonable up until now, but you’ve gone online and noticed a photo with your former hubby with a new lady, how would you react? Most people would be upset and a little hurt because in your eyes they’ve moved on far too quickly. That could spur you into creating more drama during the divorce, (which is what you want to avoid) but it’s the reason why technology has its drawbacks with divorce.

There’s no doubt technology has changed the face of divorce forever but at the same time, has the potential to make it bitter (if it wasn’t before) and cause even more trouble.

Divorce Will Change as Technology Changes

Within the next decade or so, the face of divorce will change and it’ll all be down to the changing of technology. In a way, technology has made life easier, but there are still so many things that can’t be fixed with technology. Divorce is inevitable and it can’t always be fixed with advancing technology. However, with new and advancing technology, it might make divorce easier to cope with overall. Getting an affordable online divorce is possible and with the right tools behind you, you can make the process less emotionally-charged also.