How to Choose the Right Gaming Setup for You

Every passionate gamer knows that without proper gaming equipment, the whole experience is just not the same. While all of this equipment isn’t necessary for gaming (except for the computer, of course), it will make your gameplay more entertaining, especially if you’re a streamer.

Now that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days are approaching, it is important to do your research and learn how to make the best choice regarding your gaming equipment. Make sure to be smart with your choices by following our tips below:

Define What You Need

First and foremost, it is important to think about what you’d like to buy. The options are endless, and it can be very difficult to make a final choice. To make the process more efficient, you should create a list of requirements. Then, you can filter through the products and narrow down your search pool.

Choose a computer that will be able to run all the games you’d like to play. Check the graphics and see which cards fit your needs and your budget. Would you prefer a gaming laptop or a PC setup? Think hard, make a list, and then proceed to the next step.

Check Your Budget

This is going to be the trickiest part. Make sure you set aside enough funds to get a high-quality gaming setup without going bankrupt. Here are some factors to consider in your budget list:

  • Which accessories do I need?
  • What’s the highest amount of money that I can spend?
  • Am I willing to compromise on certain features for the sake of my budget?
  • Is this going to be a good investment?

If your funds are unlimited, then choosing the best gaming setup is easy. You can customize every single element and spend endless funds. However, technology has become more affordable, so nowadays you can find some amazing budget computers and setup. Just be smart with your choices.


Research is another unavoidable part of picking the best gaming equipment that will fit your price range. First, think about which types of games you’ll be playing. Do they eat all your hard drive memory? What kind of graphics would support it? Do you want to buy a pre-set gaming rig, or do you want to build it yourself? What’s my favorite brand?

Also, don’t forget to check the reviews! Even though some products might look cool and seem great on paper, in reality, they might not function as promised. Check reviews and forums for all your top pics before entering any payment details.


An unavoidable part of every good gaming setup is having cool and useful accessories. These peripherals have become a requirement, especially if you’d like to stream your gaming session. Make a list of which accessories you’d like to buy. Some of our recommendations include:

  • A cooling station
  • A high-quality web camera
  • External GPU station
  • LED lights
  • A headset
  • Routers

Make sure to include security-related accessories too, such as secure routers or software subscriptions. Doxxing and DDoS attacks have become a huge issue in the gaming community, so make sure to protect yourself. 

Purchase a router and install a VPN to encrypt all your communications. What is a VPN? This tool is a security gate between you and the internet. Hackers and doxxers won’t be able to intercept any of your information since VPNs will completely hide it from anyone. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Both keyboard and a mouse are a must-have for any gamer. These tools can make or break your gameplay, so make sure to invest in good products. We recommend going for wireless keyboards because they’re more convenient compared to cables. However, not all wireless keyboards were designed for gaming, so make sure to get the right one.

When it comes to mouses, look for advanced optical laser sensors technology, as these products are the fastest and the most comfortable. These gaming mouses usually have additional buttons on the side where you can adjust the speed and sensitivity.

A Good Gaming Chair

While gaming, you’re stationary for prolonged periods, which can cause a lot of damage to your back. That is why you should invest in a high-quality gaming chair that is ergonomic, and that will support your back, keeping you comfortable throughout the whole gaming session.

There are many different types of gaming chairs, so let’s explore our options:

  • PC Gaming Chairs – similar to office chairs with extra layers of cushioning and advanced adjustment options, and built-in speakers.
  • Platform Gaming Chairs – most commonly used for console playing, without any wheels, pockets for storing your controllers.

Hybrid Gaming Chairs – a combination of the PC gaming chair and the platform chair, including monitors and speakers, usually have no wheels.