How to Create a Picture Collage Online While on Mobile

We live in a world where everyone loves to take photographs. The advent of mobile devices equipped with high tech cameras makes this a possibility. One of the best ways to display the photo collection in your phone gallery is through a photo collage. This highly versatile medium makes it possible to display multiple photos, stickers, and wordings in one frame. Check out this free collage maker online by

With this digital tool at your disposal, you can create stunning visual masterpieces anytime, anywhere. You can even craft them while you’re on the go. For example, you can make collages while waiting for an appointment or riding the subway. With this collage maker online, you don’t need excellent graphic design skills to make breath-taking projects that wow your audience. Follow these five simple steps to churn out fantastic works of art while on mobile.  

Step 1: Choose the Best Collage Maker Online

The only way you can make wonderful works of art is to have the right tools at your disposal. Though there may be numerous collage makers out there, keep in mind that they are not all the same. Some have hidden charges and added fees for sticker packs and other embellishments. With, you just need to give your email, and you’re good to go. Selecting a truly free tool assures, you have access to the following:

  • An extensive clip art and sticker library
  • Pre-designed, themed templates for easy layout
  • Easy to use toolbar for adding fonts and changing colors
  • Seamless photo editor for cropping and adding effects
  • High-resolution final output for sharing on social media or for printing

To access collage maker online on your mobile device, make sure that traditional browsing is enabled. Otherwise, you will see a warning that says revert to desktop. You can totally access the collage tool on your smartphone or tablet by switching your mobile web browser to a desktop browser. From there, you can work on this fun platform no matter where you are. You waste any of your precious time and can be productive while waiting. 

Step 2: Select the Right Template

A versatile collage maker online like gives you access to various layout options. You can think of them as blueprints that make your design life a breeze. All you have to do is drag and drop the pictures on your fave spot. Peruse through the various templates that best match your needs. Consider the following to help your selection process:

  • Various templates come with different photo allotments from four to fifteen. Prioritize choosing one that fits all the photos and elements you want to use. 
  • Choose a layout that enhances your theme. For example, you want to make a fun picture frame for your BFF’s birthday, pastel tones that exude a girly vibe works best. However, if you intend to make marketing materials for work, stick to sleek layouts that look polished and professional. 
  • Determine if you have a primary photo which you want to make the center of your layout. Hence, look for a design that will allow this photo to stand out. 
  • Don’t fail to consider the size of the collage. Some templates work well for square formats like Instagram. However, if you’re making a holiday family card, the Happy Home Template’s postcard size will work best. 

Step 3: Incorporate the Images, Edit, and Style

While you are on mobile, you can directly upload your chosen photos from your gallery. A collage maker online like also allows direct uploads from FB or Google Dropbox. You can use’s photo editing software and image resizer to tweak your photos. For instance, you can crop out the ugly background or enhance the color of dark photos. If you have several featured photos, make those larger and put in photo effects. Let your creative juices flow!

Step 4: Customize With Embellishments

This part happens to be the most FUN when you’re making collages! Sprucing up your layout with embellishments assure you can give your final output loads of personality. Allow your distinct flair to shine through when you use these design features. Take a look at the following options you can modify and play with:

1. Add stickers

Take advantage of the collage maker’s sticker library to customize your work. Take a look at the various graphics so you can choose the best one that suits your purpose. Then just place this element on the most appealing spot to draw the eyes of your audience. 

2. Tweak frames

Adding a frame to your pics certainly adds some funky vibe! The traditional color for borders is white. However, kick things up a notch by going for different colors and thickness. Play around by trying out different hues to see which fits best. You can follow a monochromatic theme, or you can choose contrasting tones. 

3. Add wordings

Collages are not just about pics but words. You can use pre-made labels or add your own with the text editor. Play around with the font style, size, and color. For example, label vacation photos by adding the place and a few random tidbits. 

To sum up, you must balance these add-ons, so your collage doesn’t look like an over decorated piece. Though you may be tempted to go all out, something that’s too busy turns out very confusing. Instead, keep it simple but classy so your audience can appreciate your final output. 

Step 5: Edit the Work

Finally, after you’ve finished putting together all the details, do a final edit of your work. Make sure all the words are spelled correctly. Spot check to see if the photos look vibrant. Perhaps, you need to tweak the brightness. Check if all the added stickers are in the right place. You may need to tweak design embellishments that don’t work. Don’t just examine the parts, but take a look at the whole, collective image. From there, you can directly share your final collage on all your social media platforms. You can also save it for printing or using for other purposes. The most important part is you enjoy the process. Happy digital crafting on the go!