How to create your own Christmas decorations?

Christmas is approaching, and you are probably already excited and planning how to make the most out of it: finding recipes, searching for cute Christmas videos, trying to find decoration in Aliexpress, trying to find a Christmas fonts download for your Season Greetings letter. And if you are into crafting and being creative or are in a budget, you might be considering how to create your own Christmas ornaments to decorate your house and your Christmas tree!


You see, creating the ornaments that are going to compose your Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be complicated at all, and it can, in fact, be cheap, easy and fun: you can even make it a fun family activity by getting your kids to help you, which will make them feel involved, happy and start to get excited about the season ! And if you don’t have kids, it can still be a fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experience to create your own adornments: you just need patience, creativity, and some materials, and your house will be looking completely Christmas-y!


If the Christmas tree is your favorite decoration and the main accent to your winter wonderland, there’s plenty of options to spice it up with DIY decorations: how about a popcorn garland? An American favorite, this is probably the simplest decoration you can do yourself: just get some thread, a needle, make some popcorn and go to town! Easy and cheap to make and it makes a lovely decoration. However, to protect it from bugs, it would be nice if you sprayed some spray adhesive on top of it before hanging it.

Another great, simple, fun option is learning how to make a Christmas bow. You can make them in many different styles (classic, double, gift bow), and almost every supermarket sells Christmas themed ribbon so you can create your bows at home! In addition, Christmas bows are insanely versatile, and they can be put pretty much anywhere: your tree, your gifts, your door, your centerpiece… by knowing how to do bows, you are basically all set for Christmas!

Yet another very cheap option, albeit a bit more complicated and time-consuming, are paper snowflakes. They are wonderful and fun to make, and you can create them in many different shapes, and be either really simple or intricate and delicate, depending on how much time you are willing to spend on them. To learn how to create them, search for an online tutorial, and for extra creativity points, print some Christmas message on them with a cute Christmas font or cover them with glitter and spray adhesive!

Wrapped Yarn ornaments are cheap and easy to make, look incredibly cute and add a special rustic charm to your house. As long as you are creative, you can make pretty much any shape, which is excellent if you want to reuse the ornaments: make snowflakes to celebrate winter, little hearts to celebrate Valentines, or tiny stars just because they are adorable and would look lovely in your room. To create wrapped yarn ornaments you only need some sewing pins, a place to stick them in, cotton yarn and white glue: create the shape you want with the pins, cover the yarn in glue and immediately wrap it around the pins creating a pattern, let it dry overnight and remove the pins. BAM, you are done, as simple as that. Again, you can combine this DIY project with the ones you’ve learned before: put tiny ribbons on your stars, or cover them in glitter and adhesive spray for a special touch.


To conclude, as you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult, annoying, expensive or time-consuming to create your own ornaments for Christmas: quite, on the contrary, it is fun, engaging, cheap and it can become a bonding activity for all the family to become excited about Christmas, rejoice, anticipate and participate in the celebrations ! Christmas is after all not a time to worry but to enjoy it with your family, friends and close ones, so the most important part of it is not the decorations, the snow or the gifts but being thankful for all the good things in your life.