How to Delete Your All Tweets At Once in 2021

If you’ve had your Twitter represent quite a while, there are likely numerous old tweets you need to erase. Angsty tweets from when you were an adolescent, tweets from school you might need to avoid your chief, or long tirades on feelings you at this point don’t hold could all be wellsprings of uneasiness when they’re simply gliding around the web. “Never tweet” is one of the most well-known expressions said on Twitter.

It’s unexpected, yet it’s actual: Nothing acceptable has ever happened to a tweet. Actually, loads of individuals have parted their positions or more awful because of something they said in the administration. You truly shouldn’t tweet; however, on the off chance that you do choose to post tweets for some explanation, you ought to likewise be erasing them.

Twitter is the world’s most reliable double-ended sword. It’s gaining immense popularity among the political masses as a formal social handle where every politician celebrity likes to keep their fans, their followers updated. When you tweet daily, there are always chances that you have a bulk of tweets. But are all those tweets worth keeping in your history?

Well, not really there are so many tweets that, once read again, will make us regret posting them. Once those tweets were fun, but now it’s time to move on.

Why would someone delete their tweets?

In recent years deleting tweets have become increasingly important as people have been in trouble for tweeting insensitive and offensive remarks. In the current era, everything is accessible to everyone. Even if you are a regular active Twitter user with hundreds of tweets, you are still not safe from the internet police as people can even look up what you were tweeting 5 years ago.

Here are a few reasons why someone would want to delete their old tweets to save themselves from any embarrassment.

  • Offensive jokes that can not go well with your present image.
  • Political views thoughts that you have outgrown.
  • The type of content, which is offensive, insensitive, racist towards anyone.
  • To build a brand image, one would like to delete their old tweets that may not clearly represent what you want to promote.
  • Retweets that are offensive and controversial.

Deleting Tweets made easy, a step by step guide:

Although people spend hours framing a perfect tweet with complementing hashtags, the internet shame machine is still out there to remind you what tweets you posted in 2015 don’t reflect your views now. One cannot simply live in peace on social media; you are always under surveillance, which is why you need to clean your archives and start fresh. For this very purpose, this article will help you look at a step-by-step guide on how to delete your tweets at once.

With the help of Circleboom, you can delete all your tweets, or you can choose specific tweets that you think might be a cause of embarrassment for you. Below are all the instructions required to help you use Circleboom for deleting tweets. So, let’s begin!!

Step 1:

  • Download  twitter archive:
  • Go to your Twitter account. Select on “More” to the left, proceed towards “Accounts and Privacy,” and select it.
  • In  Settings, choose “Account” and submit your password under “Download your Twitter data” on the left.
  • Once you are done typing and entering, click on “Request data.”By doing that, your Twitter archive will be emailed to you by Twitter on your registered email id.
  • Twitter will email you a zip folder. Unzip the folder and separately keep the “tweet.js” file, as you will need to upload this file on Circleboom to delete tweets.

Step 2:

  • Upload your Twitter archive on Circleboom:
  • Login to the Circleboom console by validating your Twitter account.
  • On the Circleboom menu on the left, choose “My Tweets.” From the sub-menu, choose “Delete old tweets.”
  • Circleboom will now request you to upload your Twitter archive.
  • After that, you will Upload the previously saved tweet.js file here. And click on “Start here.”

This will take us to our next step, which is step 3.

Step 3:

  • Strain all the tweets that you want to delete and tick on “Approve.”
  • This section will show you all the filters that will provide you with both options if you would like to delete all your tweets or a few selected ones.

And this is how you delete all your tweets at once!!

Ready get set go….

In the end, it is very important to keep in mind that once you delete all the tweets using the Circleboom Tweet Deleter tool, they will be deleted forever, and you won’t be able to recover them. So ! by the end of this article, we hope that with the help of the Circleboom guide, you will be able to get rid of all the tweet junk you have been saving for ages. You can now easily find the impossible tweets that you might not even clearly remember and delete them. The Circleboom tool makes it easier for you to click and remove all your Twitter embarrassment. We hope that you will contend with the results of the circle bloom tool!

No older embarrassing tweet history.