How to Flirt: 5 New Ways of Flirting Style

How to Flirt: 5 New Ways of Flirting Style

We cannot run away from the fact that all of us flirt at some point. If you don’t know how to flirt or don’t consider yourself to be a flirt, there is a high possibility that you fall in any of the five categories. The most important thing for you is to recognise the five different styles of flirting. You will be able to understand whether that individual who has caught your eye is flirting with your or not. Having this knowledge is critical because it is not right to stay in ignorance. You need to understand the signs that the other party is trying to put across.

A study that was carried out by the University of Kansas reveals that there are five main types of flirting. These include polite, playful, sincere, physical and traditional flirting. The challenge that most people have is that they don’t understand the difference between the various types of flirting. It is good to understand the style that suits you best if you want to achieve success on your first date. It can also help you to enhance your existing relationship and take it to the next level. Continue reading this article if you wish to understand where you fall when it comes to flirting.



  • Traditional Flirting


Traditional flirting entails allowing men to be on the leading end with the women maintaining a role that is more passive. Individuals who use this approach to flirter tend to be more of introverts. Traditional flirting is appropriate in men who have been with their potential partner for some time and hence know them well.

In this flirting, men have higher chances of making the initial move whereas women feel happy sitting back as they wait for the shining armor knight to come galloping together with their white horse. So, you mean a girl can dream? The best example where you can find this form of flirting taking place is in online dating. The popularity of traditional flirting is on the rise, and the women can sit back and take their pick literally. If you believe that traditionalist is your style, it is prudent to upload an appealing profile photo that will entice them to make a move.

Traditional flirting typically refers to individuals who subscribe to their traditional gender roles while flirting and feels strongly during courtship, chivalry, and romance. Traditional flirters are the ones who think that the man should make the initial move and not women. If you are shooting glances at the bar as you wait for the guy to come your way, you will be comfortable with traditional flirting.


  • Physical Flirting


In physical flirting, you have to communicate sexual interests to the potential partner. This flirting results in quick development of relationships and have a higher emotional connection and chemistry. It allows you to flirt without saying even one word. You can use your body to do all the talking and grab the attention of the individual you are eying. For instance, your hand may naturally go to touch the knee of the other person when you begin to laugh. It is an excellent way of driving your point home that you have a lot of interest without passing a word from your lips. If you fall into this category, you need to learn about the physical touch love language.

Physical flirting is a critical component of nonverbal communications in courtship. You should be comfortable to physically express yourself under all circumstances and not only during dating. It is a more open style and makes the intentions of the person clearer that individuals who are not physical.


  • Sincere


Sincere flirting encompasses communicating your sincere interest and desiring of establishing strong emotional connections. Women tend to score high in this flirting style even though some men also use this style. It is the most popular type of flirting. You may see a person across the room taking your fancy and you wish to break the ice by complimenting their style, or the newspaper they are reading is a subtle and natural flirting style. Sincere flirting is a quick way of getting a common ground that may result in emotional ties that flourish a relationship. Even if it will not go beyond friendship, it is still an added advantage because you cannot have several good friends.  

Therefore, sincere flirting entails an individual who wishes to create an emotional bond with the other person. If you have intimacy goals in mind, you can flirt by sharing personal information is looking for that from the individual you are flirting with. Your flirting will involve asking several questions, focusing on conversations and mutual interests. Most people who use participate in this flirting.


  • Playful


Playful flirting least results into meaningful relationships. You can enjoy playful flirting as a way of boosting your self-esteem. Most people believe that it is a controversial way of flirting. These people use flirting tools instead of engaging in the action because they have an interest in the other person. For instance, you may flirt to manipulate a situation or get your own way. Flirting may also be a means to an end for some people. However, be keen of the hearts you may break by sending mixed signals because they may come back to haunt you. The primary objective of playful flirting is to have fun and has a light-hearted nature. In most cases, it does not have a romantic purpose and you only use it to enjoy with the other person.


  • Polite


Polite flirting uses the right manners and a highly cautious approach in communicating your interest. It is the least obvious style, and introverts and quietly reserved people love to use it. The challenge of being polite is that the other person may not realize that you are flirting. However, this is the most genuine type of flirting. It is a more cautious approach to expressing your interest in another person. Like traditional flirting, polite flirting sticks to the courtship rules and does not appear to be too forward or express overtly sexual behaviour. Those who apply this style are conservative in their personality and interests.

With all this information, you now understand your flirting style. The most important thing is to communicate the right feelings to the potential partner.