How To Grow Your Instagram Company Account

Nowadays, it is common sense to get information from Instagram, and many companies worldwide use Instagram to attract customers and interact with customers. The primary purpose is to disseminate the information and services of the company. So when using Instagram in a company, it is recommended to switch to a business account.

However, when you actually start it, many users may be worried about “I want to increase followers!” Or “I don’t know how to increase followers.” To solve this issue, many platforms like SMM shop help to increase your Instagram business account followers. This time, we will introduce how to increase followers for those who are worried about it.

Set your target clearly:

Instagram is a social media whose main focus is photography. You need to post a photo that will have an impact on the viewer. For that purpose, it is crucial to set the target that you want to attract customers. Let’s clarify and establish the target, such as age, residence, sex, Hobbies, and interests.

Unify the world view:

Since Instagram is a social media that focuses on photos, its appearance is significant. Let’s set the theme and world view and unify them. It is good to unify the tone and atmosphere of self-introduction sentences and posted sentences and the world view of photographs.

There are various ways to unify, such as unifying the color and filter of the photo, unifying the margins, and making the post text template. Create a world view that suits your products and services.

Create your own hashtag:

Hashtags are keywords that represent the photo, such as “#Instagram,” with # (half-width) added. Hashtag search is frequently used on Instagram, and when you do a hashtag search, you can see posts with the searched hashtag at once.

If it catches the user’s eyes when it is searched, it will lead to follower acquisition, so be sure to select and attach an appropriate hashtag. On Instagram, you can add 30 hashtags to a post.

Branding with one tag in the world:

Many hashtags already exist, such as “#Instagram” and “#Cafe,” but creating and instilling original hashtags will help spread the brand’s appeal and raise awareness.

In addition to brand and service name hashtags, it’s a good idea to create hashtags that everyone can use. It is also effective to state that you want to post with this hashtag on your profile and repost it with that hashtag.

Categorize the story by highlighting:

The story is characterized by disappearing within 24 hours of posting, but you can always display it in a circle frame on your profile by registering it as a highlight. It will be played by tapping, so it is good to summarize the information you want the user to see and the story that responded.

At that time, let’s set a title that is easy to understand by dividing it into categories. For example, Instagram, which introduces cosmetics, is divided into “foundation special feature” and “lip special feature.” Also, you can edit the cover photo for the highlight, so let’s set the cover photo with a sense of unity.