How to Make Beaver jerky – Easy Step to Making It

+Beavers are part of the aquatic rodent family. Many hunters know the value of beaver meat to the human body. And they knew how to cook it in the 18th century. At that time, cooking this animal sausage was very popular.

Today’s beaver dishes aren’t very popular in cooking, but you can find many recipes for preparing this rodent in the hunting kitchen. So, before we start looking at these beaver jerky recipes, let’s know about Beaver meat taste characteristics and healing characteristics.

Beaver meat taste characteristics and healing characteristics:

Beavers mainly eat vegetable foods, so their meat is high in vitamins and nutrients. Burns are also prey animals that, by themselves, lead to a lively lifestyle.

Therefore, this meat contains low levels of fat. All fat is evenly distributed throughout the corpse. Appearance by appearance this meat is like beef. The difference is in the bright red color. Everything is in the high oxygen content of muscle tissue. The content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is not inferior and exceeds many more traditional types of meat. All the healing properties of beaver meat are nutritious.

To taste, it has very rare and excellent qualities. Especially delicious are those who weigh less than 15 kilograms, and those who are heavy and older have poor taste quality. Tasting this meat is similar to a wild rabbit or goose.

Let’s Know How To Make Beaver Jerky:

To cook this dish deliciously, you need to cut the animals properly and chop them into small pieces. Use the entire body except for the ribs.

Material: Beaver corpse, 6 tablespoons of onions,   1 tablespoon ground black pepper,   1 tablespoon garlic powder, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon liquid smoke salt, lemon juice,  1/3 cup soy sauce, ginger, and cumin flavors, 1 glass of water,  1/3 cup steak sauce, olive oil.

The procedure of making: So, the beaver is trimmed by carefully removing the musk glands. Fragments are soaked in cold water for a day and change regularly. The skin from the tail is removed, and excess fat is removed from the surface of the debris. The meat is then washed well and marinated in a pre-prepared marinade for about 6 hours.

To do this, rub the onion with a grease, add vinegar, salt, spices, and water, stir everything, pour the corpse part, cover it with a lid and set it aside. The vinegar solution is prepared in the same way as regular kebabs, and the amount should be such that it covers all the meat. If the beaver isn’t young, they marinated him longer.

Traditionally prepare the dishes. Skewer a piece of meat, place it on the grill, place it on the grill, or fry for at least 50 minutes. Sprinkle it with lemon juice regularly. Beaver meat tastes like chicken or pork; it doesn’t have a particular smell; it’s rather juicy and tender.

Conclusion Remarks:

Today, many ask what can be cooked from a beaver. Everything made from chicken, pork, etc., is made from this animal. However, the taste of the food is much richer and somewhat enthusiastic.

In this case, the softest and tender meat of a 3-year-old animal; therefore, such individuals are used for cooking. It is reddish due to the presence of red blood cells in the muscles. Therefore, this product is always fresh and brings great benefits to the human body.