How to make thing Casually 5 Things to Know Before You Do it

How to make thing Casually 5 Things to Know Before You Do it

The 20-something narrative appears to be increasingly obsessed with self-exploration and figuring out things. A large section of this concerns the crazy and wild love life of human beings. Most people don’t want to commit themselves to a long-term relationship. However, you must learn to communicate your message in advance. Someone could be committing his or her life entirely when you have no intentions for marriage. Several people suffer depression to the point of committing suicide because of heart-breaking. Therefore, how do you make things casual?

There are several casual relationships out there, and some of them are doing quite well. Each causal relationship is a learning experience on its own. Most people would like to have joint bank accounts whenever they are in a relationship. It can be a positive thing for both parties especially after a break-up, and you need someone to meet his or her personal obligation. However, you should not take things too far unless you are dealing with a serious relationship.

The truth of the matter is that casual relationships are not for everyone. However, prolonged flinging can turn out to be a boon to the day to day existence of a person if you do it maturely and responsibly. This article provides some tips on how to make things casual. It is good to know these things before you do it.



  • Avoid Weeknights


This rule could be the most important one as per the definition of nature. It is the best way to halt the momentum of a relationship especially once you discover that the other person attaches a high level of importance to it. You can use that time to focus on what you prioritise in your life. Some of these actions may be hurting, but they will work for the overall good of both of you in the long run. One of the rules that you can set is going out on weekends only. Spending a lot of time together including weekdays may communicate a different thing altogether. You could be showing the other party that you are committing more time to his or her life and this may not be the case. The best way to set an organic boundary is to limit your meeting times. Also, be slow about talking to one another on the phone because talking a lot can also send mixed signals. Keep distance, and you will stay safe all the time.


  • Talk Over the Initial Serious Hurdle


The adage states that it fails to be casual if you are talking about keeping it casual in an effective manner. This statement is true, but I do believe that you don’t need a good deal of communication to maintain a causal relationship for several months. You may not be meeting the parents of your partner, but you are still in a relationship. A long list of love relationships that emanate from operate on this principle, and they are doing quite well. You will be hooked up and will continue to do so in the long run.

The most important thing here is to make sure that you are reading from the same script when it comes to your expectations. Let the other person know that your interest is not having a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage. The challenge with some of these things is that they are easier said than done. However, it is a brilliant idea to address these issues early enough.  Let the other person know what you are looking for in the relationship from the onset so that you don’t hurt his or her feelings. If you discover that he or she is interested in a serious relationship, it is better to call it off before you go too far. Such action will give both of you enough time to look for a perfect partner.


  • Remain Unpredictable


The strength of a causal relationship lies in your ability to remain unpredictable. When dealing with a causal relationship, you are free to try out things that you cannot dare if you believe that there is more at stake. It applies to both the emoji use level and physical level. When in a serious relationship, you can allow the other person to know you and give him or her the ability to predict your actions. However, don’t go this far if you know that you are casual. Vary your behaviour so that the other party does not have a deep understanding of who you are. However, make sure that you are treating them well as you strive to remain unpredictable.


  • Don’t Base Most of Your Weekend Programs Around Them


We said that you do weekends only but limit the same by doing it sparingly. You will be setting yourself for failure if you allow your partner to join you in all your events. There will be a clear communication that the whole thing is getting serious. Allow them to accompany you on a few weekend events but do the others by yourself. Maintain an open channel of communication on the nights you would like to spend together if you discover that it is getting more serious than you thought, try to pull back cautiously.


  • Don’t Drag Your Partner to an Event You Would Not Want to Go In case You Were in a Position


Some events communicate a lot especially if your family members are involved. You need to be empathetic or put yourself in their shoes. If you would be uncomfortable with some events, then don’t force them to accompany you. There is no need to send mixed reactions to everyone and attract unnecessary eyebrows when you know that you are going nowhere. Any event that you attend should have a reciprocal arrangement to benefit both of you. Don’t allow your partner to be uncomfortable throughout the event. Attending events has to be optional without any aggressive-passive disappointments.

These tips will help you to make things casual without hurting one another. There is a clear boundary between a casual and serious relationship and you need to stick to it. All your actions should clearly state that you are in something that is casual.