How to Make Your Girlfriend Play Video Games with You

How to Make Your Girlfriend Play Video Games with You

Games Hello! Today we will talk about such a scrupulous topic as girls in the life of a gamer. Most often, games and gamers are not very respected by girls, and the fact that a video game fan has a girlfriend seems like either a mistake of nature, or he just managed to disguise himself properly. But it is impossible to disguise forever, and sooner or later, everything secret becomes apparent. Thus, let’s get away from stereotypes and learn to get along. Today we list the 3 tips that will help you get your girlfriend into video games. But before you check them out, be sure to visit this dating site where you can meet single girls online, and when you meet one, be sure to not forget the following information:

Tip Number 1. Show that video games are hard

The stereotypes among “common folk” are that playing a video game is an occupation for weak-willed people, who are not willing to choose the hardest of paths. Anything is harder than playing a video game, right?

To prove that this isn’t the case, take your girlfriend gently by the waist, and let her play Dark Souls 3. Promise her something valuable, like a new iPhone, if she is able to do beat the first level, the first boss and never die in the process. And you yourself should stand by her side, and either laugh or cry as your money fly out of your pocket. But most likely it will be the first scenario: awkward mashing, panicking, frustration. Still think that this isn’t complicated? It doesn’t seem that you want yourself a new iPhone, as it seems to me. As a result, the challenges of the game will make you save your money, the iPhone will remain where it was, and the girl — if you were not a fool — will understand that playing a video game is not that easy. In any case, there will be no more talk about you wasting your time, as she will know that this is a real challenge. And if it doesn’t work and she still considers you dumb, let her play Machinarium since she considers herself so clever. The most intelligent of men have fallen victim to it.

Show her how big the gaming industry is, how many news websites like have been dedicated to it, and how many articles and reviews are being written every single day. It is fascinating.

Tip Number 2. Show that video games are engaging

After the implementation of the first advice, it would be nice to show that not all games are difficult or impossible, and some are very interesting to play in a relaxed state. One of the many random fun facts you should let your friend know is that when engaging video games in moderation, it actually helps her with emotional control which promotes positive results.Pick the right game for your girlfriend, something that should be close to her by nature, and let her play it. This technique is often used by music lovers. The problem is that it is harder to get a girl interested in a game than in a band. And when you succeed in addicting her to some band, she herself starts to associate you personally with her new favorite performer, as if this is not Marilyn Manson or James Hetfield singing but you.

In principle, if this maneuver succeeds, then we can assume that you are fine, and she is open to video games because now you have found an ally in gaming in your girlfriend, and thus, your video game adventures will be made only brighter by her presence.

Tip Number 3. Show that video games are fun

Girls are such creatures that have to be entertained. Especially during the first days of dating. Well, you are a gamer, and the only way you can entertain her is to demonstrate your max level character in some MMORPG.

The case is complicated. You can, of course, go with her to the theater or some nice restaurant, but you will be bored there, and this is no longer fair, and there is no place for equality in such an environment. Therefore, we need to meet in the middle: go with her to some game exhibition. Even if your city isn’t the biggest in population, such events happen more often than you think. Well, if you live in New York or Chicago, then, I mean, you have so many opportunities; so many conventions are waiting for you. So many games to play, so many developers to speak to, so much experience cannot be left out. And you can come to such an event while being dressed as your favorite video game character. Make stylish photo shoots, post them on Instagram, dress up your girlfriend as Jennifer, Triss, or Siri, and your girlfriend will feel that video games are not as boring as she may have initially thought.