How To Play & Win Asteroids Game (Easily)

Asteroids is a 2D video game created by Atari, Inc. It was introduced in 1979 and soon became a hit among gaming enthusiasts. 

In fact, there was a time when Arcade entertainment centers had to install big boxes for coins that players were paying to play the game. 

Asteroids game has a simple concept: players need to control the ship and fire bullets at asteroids. Once the asteroids are shot, they become smaller in size and move at a faster speed. 

But the little asteroids quickly get destroyed by collision and disappear from the screen. The game ends when an asteroid or bullet strikes the player’s ship. But if the player can shoot each asteroid on the screen, the game is won. 

Scroll down to know about the game’s system requirements, tips and tricks, gameplay, and more. 

Features of Asteroids Game

As the game proceeds, the asteroid field puts the player in ever-increasing danger. Asteroids fly from all sides, which makes the game more challenging. Players can sit UFOs to avoid asteroids. 

Below are some features of the Asteroids game that makes it so much fun and engaging:

1. Saucer

Asteroids game has saucers, represented as an open rectangle with 20-pixel width and 10-pixel height. When the player damages saucers, they get 400 points.

2. Ship

The ship in the Asteroids game is located in the middle, facing in an upward direction. Players can control the ship’s motion through keyboards. 

The ship’s position must “wrap” around the outside boundaries of the game screen.

3. Stars 

Asteroids game also has stars that are positioned randomly in the game. 

4. Hyperspace 

It’s a useful feature that players can use to get away from dangerous situations. But the ship might appear in a random location, which can increase the risk of self-destruction. 

5. Thrust 

You can use the thrust feature to push your ship forward in a particular direction. If you don’t thrust the ship, it will eventually stop. 

System Requirements For The Game:

If you want to play an Asteroids game, you need: 

  • Os: Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
  • Keyboard: Integrated keyboard 
  • Architecture: x86, x64, ARM, ARM64

Gameplay/Control for Asteroids:

The game features a spacecraft that the player must control. Players must also destroy each asteroid by shooting it until it breaks into smaller pieces. 

The spaceship can easily be hyperspace, turned, and thrust. Saucers emerge from nowhere in the game to shoot at the ship and asteroids. Players must avoid the saucers and destroy the asteroids to enter the next level.  

If you wish to become a master of this game, you need to know about different controls. Unlike many modern games, the Asteroids game does not use a joystick. That means you must use a series of buttons to control the ship. 

  • Thrust: down 
  • Turn: Left, Right 
  • Fire: Spacebar 
  • Hit once: to view the search ranking 
  • Hit twice: to reveal the publisher/host 
  • Destroy: to reveal information and add the object to the score

The playing field in the game has floating asteroids, spaceships, and aliens. You need to focus on moving the spaceship to avoid a collision. You get extra points for blasting obstacles.

When the game starts, players get 3 spaceships. Then after every 10,000 points, they get a free spaceship. When the spaceship is located in the center of the screen, a few large asteroids will come toward it to destroy it. 

Your job is to blast those asteroids, breaking them into two medium rocks. Then, keep blasting them till they become tiny and vanish from the screen. Besides asteroids, you also have to deal with small and large saucers. 

The initial level of the game is easy because the large saucer doesn’t track you; they only make random shots. So, you can enter the safe zone and blast the rocks. While shooting, remember that: 

  • At a time, you get four shots on the screen. You can use it to blast rocks closer to your ship. 
  • The shots that you make are “wrap around” the screen. That means any shot that goes past the screen will reappear on the opposite side. It travels in the same direction. Similar to the shots, saucers also have “wrap-around” shots. 

Once 10,000 points are reached, you need to play carefully. That’s because small saucers become permanent in the game. They can track your ship and kill you with just one or two shots. 

Hyperspace is useful, but you must only use it if you are stuck in a dangerous situation with no escape. For instance, if so many asteroids are coming to attack you at once, you can use hyperspace

But remember that hyperspace might put you in a further worse situation. Also, if you want to use thrust, be careful, as the ship might get out of control. 

Benefits of Playing Asteroids Game 

If you are playing an Asteroids game, you need to give it your full attention. Otherwise, you might not blast asteroids and saucers. So, it can be said that the game increases concentration and focus levels. 

Tips and Tricks to Win the Asteroids Game

If you wish to win the Asteroids game, you must destroy all the asteroids that come your way. You can enter a safe zone by moving to the upper left or right corner of the screen. 

If small saucers come your way, you can easily take them down before they can fire. You can improve your firing skills in Asteroids game by using tools like

Anyone who desires to score high must destroy multiple small saucers. When a player reaches 10,000 points in the game, any small saucer that appears after is worth 1000 points. 

Here’s how you can rack up some points in the Asteroids game:

  • You first need to blast every asteroid until it becomes smaller and vanishes from the screen. 
  • Sit in the safe zone. 
  • If small saucers appear on the side that you are on, blast it. But if it appears on the opposite side, take a “wrap around” shot to blast it. 
  • Smaller saucers can also blast “wrap-around” shots. So, you need to stay alert to move out of danger. 

Is Asteroids an Addictive Game?

The amazing features of the game make it addictive. This multidirectional shooting game offers a space theme and laser shooter, which is fun to watch. 

Plus, the background music, exploding letters, and smooth flow make the game more enjoyable. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can I play Asteroids online?

You can play Asteroid games online. With each level, the game gets harder, and asteroids increase. 

What is the highest score in Asteroids? 

The official highest score in the Asteroids game is 41,336,440. 

When was the Asteroids game made?

The game officially came out in 1979. 

Who developed the Asteroids game?

Atari, Inc developed this game. 

How many levels are there in the Asteroids game?

The Asteroids game has 5 zones, and each zone has 15 levels. 


Asteroids is a popular game that is liked for its control, gameplay, and vector analysis. Over the years, several copies of this influential game were sold. 

If you want to play it, your system needs to qualify for the essential requirements. You can also follow the tips to maintain a good score in the game.