How to Sell a Scrap Car to Cash Cars Buyer

It is such a shame that the car which had been your dream a few years ago has now become a piece of scrap because of certain conditions. Doing away with an old or scrap car is a mammoth task that requires precision as well as knowledge about the market. 

Many customers fall under various scams, and some customers are forced to sell their scrap car at lower prices. This causes a lot of confusion, and the correct pricing does not to prevail. 

In such a scenario, Cash Cars Buyer comes to your rescue. In this article, you will learn how to sell a car to cash cars buyer

Visit our website to see how we have tried to bridge this gap by giving correct pricing to the concerned customers. We provide an easy way to sell your scrap car at great prices so that you can go back home happy with some great returns. 

You need to follow just a few simple steps in order to get the ball rolling, and we promise to endow you with the correct pricing of your scrap car.

Buying a scrap car was a daunting task a few years back:

  • Previously buying a scrap car involved a number of steps and each step was as difficult as the previous.
  •  First, the big fat folder containing all kinds of yellow pages was taken out, and every scrap dealer was called. 
  • You would have to mention all the features of your scrap car and any kind of failure that might be present in your car. 
  • Each dealer would behave differently and had to be dealt in a different manner. 
  • The car would finally be bought after striking the best possible deal. 
  • There would be no thorough checking process, and the car would simply be transported to the dealer’s garage. 
  • The worst part of this situation is that the customer would feel betrayed and underpaid even after following the tedious process because there would be no liability censed agent to tell him about what is correct.

But those days are long gone now, and almost everything has become digital today! Even scrap car dealers take the help of external tools to thoroughly check the cars before buying. 

There are a number of websites on the Internet like which can be used by the customers to know about the correct price of their scrap car, considering the condition in which the car is in as well as considering the repairing that the car might possibly need. 

What are the steps to be followed in order to sell my scrap car to Cash Cars Buyer?

Cash Cars Buyer will provide you with the best possible price for your scraped car. The previous customers have provided even testimonies for the same. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the steps involved in the process of selling off your scrap car to Cash Cars Buyer:

  • Step 1:

  • Call the official customer care of the company and inform the concerned representative of your situation as well the car which you would like to sell-off.


  • Step 2:

  • You will be provided with an online quote by the representative or a link might be sent to you.


  • Step 3:

  • A consent form will be sent to you where you need to fill in some basic details regarding you as the client and your car as the commodity. The form will be available instantly, and no fee is required for the same. Moreover, you are not obliged to sell your car using our services even if you have completed all the processes and filled in all requirements.


  • Step 4:

  • A representative from Cash Cars Buyer will soon contact you and inform you about prospective and the various requirements that you need to fulfill to finally sell off your car. If there are more than one interested customers, you will have the final say in deciding who gets your car. Certainly, you can do so after a good amount of deliberation over the possible details. 


  • Step 5:

  • Once the deal has been finalized and you have decided to give away your car, a dedicated team from the company will visit you. The car will be thoroughly checked, and all possible repairs might be carried out. If any major fault is found, it will be kept aside for fixation at the workshop. Once the required details have been duly communicated, the car will be taken away. That day will be known as the ‘Day of Collection’. A rough estimate of how much you will actually receive will be informed.


  • Step 6:

  • Now that you have done away with your scrap car, you only need to wait for the payment from Cash Cars Buyer, which should reach you within a few business days from the day of collection.

Why choose Cash Cars Buyer?

  • We follow the same process for all kinds of damaged cars- unwanted cars, cars which have undergone an accident, isolated and deserted cars, damaged cars and junk cars to name a few. All these cars will undergo the same process and will be recycled accordingly.
  • The location has never been a problem for us, and we will definitely reach your home to check and buy you’re a car.
  •  We believe in professional and hence, try to fulfill all appointments. We hope that your future business will be with us and we will be able to satisfy your needs accordingly.

The Final Verdict:

We hope that now you are well acquainted with the steps that need to be followed and are ready to sell off your scrap car using the services of Cash Cars Buyer. Do remember that we accept cars from all companies and in all conditions.