How to start your own business as a teenager?

This blog post is written for teenagers looking to start their businesses. It will cover everything they need to know, from how much it costs, what skills are needed and where to start. This information should help give them the confidence they need when starting on this journey!


Starting a business as a teenager can be an uphill task, but it is also very rewarding. There are many things to consider when starting your own business, such as the cost, skills needed, and where to start. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know:


The Cost:

One of the most important factors to start a business is to have money. This can be challenging for some teenagers who don’t yet have a job, or if their parents are not supportive of them starting their own business. There are several ways you can start your business without spending too much:


  • Working part-time while in school (selling items on the side)
  • Starting a business with friends (sharing the start-up costs)
  • Using online resources (such as websites that offer templates for free)


The Skills:

To start a successful business, you need to have some skills. 


  •       Business acumen:The ability to make sound decisions based on market trends and research.
  •       Focus:The ability to maintain your focus for long periods, regardless of barriers or obstacles that may arise in the process.
  •       Communication Skills:The ability to communicate with others, whether it be customers, employees, or suppliers. This is an important skill when starting a start-up business as you will need to be able to communicate your ideas and goals.
  •       Creativity:A start-up company usually means having a new idea being developed into something that can help others – this requires creativity!
  •       Leadership Skills:Once the business is running, you need someone who has leadership skills to achieve their goals (for more information on leadership skills, please see our blog post on the topic).


It is important to read and follow blogs like that share business ideas and opportunities.


Where to start:


Now that you know what skills are needed and how much they might cost, it is important to start researching businesses that match your interests. There are many places to start: 


Here are a few examples:


  • Online business directories (such as Startup Nation)
  • Online business blogs (such as our blog)
  • Local start-up hubs/clubs (ask your parents, teachers, or friends about these places to start!)
  • Business books and magazines that can be found at local libraries!


Once you have come up with a list of businesses you would like to start, it is important to research more about them. To start your own business, you will have to do a lot of research and learn as much as possible from others who have done it before (that’s what our blog is here for!).


  1. Local start-up hubs/clubs are great places to start – they can give you free advice on how to start and help you get started with contacts in your local area


  1. Online start-up communities and forums are also a great place to start – there is usually some start-up community or forum for almost any type of business. From fashion, food start-ups, technology businesses, etc! Here’s one example: (this website has free guides and tools to start your business)


  1. Business books and magazines are a great place to start – they will have in-depth information on a variety of businesses, as well as case studies from people who have started their own company. You can see these at your provincial library!


Starting your own business as a teenager is not easy, but it is possible! 


Here are a few tips to start your own business:


  • Everyone has a start-up idea. If you have an idea that is different from the rest, start it – there will always be competition in every industry, and if no one else starts doing what you want to do then someone needs to start! This person should be you!
  • Do your research: This is probably the most important step in starting a business – if you don’t have a plan, your start-up will likely fail. Make sure to do market research, financial planning and understand what it takes to start and run your own business.
  • Have a clear goal: When starting a business, it is important to have a goal – whether it be making money, helping others, or developing a new product/service. Without a goal, you will likely lose focus and not achieve the success you are looking for.
  • Take risks: Starting your own business is all about taking risks! If you’re not willing to take risks, start a business that you are comfortable with. You don’t want to start something and get bored of it halfway through, so start a start-up idea that excites you!
  • Have fun: If you’re not having fun then there’s no point in starting the business – if you’re going into the start-up world because everyone says it’s a great idea and you should start your own company, it might not be for you.
  • Connect with local start-up hubs/clubs: If you are having trouble deciding on a business to start, head over to your nearest start-up hub or club! They will have plenty of advice about what businesses are good at the moment and which ones are not. They can also connect you with local start-up resources and contacts which will help you get started!
  • Stay motivated: The most important thing to starting any business is staying motivated! This means setting small goals, being determined, and always keeping your end goal in mind. 


 You will start to see growth and progress as your start-up grows, even if it’s slow at first!