How to Torrent Safely in UK, 5 Things to Know!

Knowing how to torrent anonymously and safely avoids hackers attack, malware, or third-party sneaking through all your digital activities. The most effective way to securely download torrent or share files is by using a virtual private network. However, you can’t just use any VPN without doing any background research. 

There are essential factors you need to know before torrenting. Torrenting is risky if you are not aware of the setbacks of torrenting, downloading, or sharing copyright infringement materials and other files with legal issues. 

Besides that, since you live under one of the Five Eyes countries, your top priority is to secure privacy as much as possible, especially with your digital actions. 


How To Torrent Anonymously And Safely In The UK

Since using a tool encrypts all your digital activities and routes you into an intermediary server, it’s the best way to anonymously and safely download or share torrents. You can use a VPN that accept torrents and provides high-speed connectivity suitable for fast torrenting. Keep in mind that uploading or downloading files via BitTorrent increases vulnerability from all types of cyber threats.  

You might get away unharmed—or accidentally exposed all your sensitive files or infect devices with malware. Ask yourself if the risk is worth the data you share and download? If you’re holding back, then secure your files now. 

Here’s everything you need to know about safely and anonymously torrenting:


  • Protect Your Identity When Torrenting

All files—movies, games, books, music— coming from torrent sites are copyrighted materials. Downloading these contents is prohibited and can backfire you if you’ll get caught. If you don’t protect your identity, you’re exposing yourself to tons of cyber threats and legal issues. 

Using a torrent-friendly, highly-quality software like a VPN secures and encrypts all your data. Since torrent sites have no built-in protection, they are breeding places for intrusive trackers, viruses, malware, and online threats. 

When you download or share torrents, your identity is exposed. It allows spies and trolls to locate you quickly, track your browsing history, and identify or attack your PC.

When you download copyrighted materials—even by you didn’t mean to— breach copyright infringement law. At worse, it can result in fines, court dates, or imprisonment. When using a VPN, you’ll skip all these worries and enjoy downloading or sharing files securely. 


  • Check VPN Settings Compatible For Torrenting

Not all VPN services provide complete protection when torrenting. There are essential settings that allow you to torrent safely and hide your identity better. 

Have quick research for VPN’s that offer robust encryptions (AES 256-bit) And OpenVPN protocol. Leak protection (DNS), IPv6/IP protection, Kill Switch, and P2P sharing are vital. 


  • Download BitTorrent Client

Once you have set up the right protection for torrenting, it’s time for you to select a BitTorrent client. It may sound not very easy, but the process is pretty straightforward. These clients are software that does all the hard work for sharing and downloading files. 

Unlike downloading or uploading standard files, torrents have a unique P2P file sharing process through its clients. Most of these software/clients are free, fast, easy to use, robust, and compatible with any significant device platform. 


  • Navigate Torrent Sites

Avoid low-quality, shady sites. There are tons of best torrent clients. Don’t use Google when searching for these sites as BitTorrent clients are commonly blocked on most search engines. 

Torrenting is risky, so avoid exposing yourself from additional threats coming from random shady sites. 


  • Select & Download Torrent Files

Selecting a file to download is easy. Find a file with the most number of ‘seeders’ which means that data can be downloaded faster. However, it’s still an individual preference when downloading files.

Once you have selected a file, download it, and open it with your preferred BitTorrent client. 

Is It Dangerous To Torrent Without A VPN?

Ideally, you can download torrents even if you are not using a VPN. However, it’s risky if your identity is exposed as you can be a target for cyber threats, identity theft, or your device can be infected by malware and harmful viruses. 

With consistent torrenting, your ISP can suspend your connection. With VPN, all your digital activity is masked, and even your IPS can’t tell whether you’re torrenting or not. 


While you don’t get arrested for torrenting, you can get into serious trouble if you download licensed content that you’re prohibited. Since torrenting is risky, finding an alternative way to download or share files securely is vital. Using a reliable and high-quality software like a VPN hides your identity and secures all your digital activities. So the next time you plan to download a torrent, make sure that your privacy is not compromised.