Is Someone Stealing Your Art Ideas? Find It Right Now

The corruption is increasing at the speed of light these days. It is leading to the destruction of the creativity of some people. The idea of an intelligent person is stolen and used by him or her and not given credit.

In the past, this was difficult because there were fewer chances of it. However, the rise of digital marketing has led to snatching and stealing of ideas of one person by another.

If you encounter that the artwork that is displayed on your website, a similar piece of that work is showcased on your competitor’s website. Be calm and composed, you need to know that you cannot copyright a particular pattern, as Suzanne Day highlights that issue in “What To Do About Online Art Theft and Plagiarism.”

In case of a petty issue, that is, use of your image of the artwork in a personal blog by someone, just email the blogger to write your name in copyright. That’s it. You can attach the link of that person’s blog on your webpage.

You necessarily do not need to convey the situation to a lawyer.

What if a brand name is using your image? What if they are making millions of dollars just because of your artistic picture.

This is not to be ignored. Whenever you produce a work, it is copyrighted. All the governments of the countries have strict laws to protect their citizens.

Moreover, you need to contact lawyers to explain to them how to sue a person or a group for theft of your creativity in the international matter. Your data can be stolen by a person sitting in the other corner of the world.

Understanding Reverse Image Search

The content including the images, material which you use on your website, social media, and other digital marketing platform is considered to be the intellectual property of your business. There is always a chance that other people can use your images without informing you, and to protect yourself you can use Reverse Image Search of Google to see where your images are used on other digital platforms.

It helps you search the web using images. It can be all types of images. Via sharing a particular image or picture with the search engine, it will then proceed further to find similarities. 

Furthermore, we can take help to find content related to particular images, where they are being used and we can also know how famous they have become. One can also find the altered styles of your picture.

How you can take advantage of it?

If you make a search for an image/photo/picture, the search results will be as follows:

  • Similar files will come up.
  • Websites that show those images can be seen.
  • different sizes of those images will appear.

The reverse image search facility is present in the following browsers:

  • Chrome 5+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 5+


In our article, we will use Chrome 5+ to guide you.

With the help of the following ways, you can search by putting an image from your web. What you need to do is, type this URL

  1. Copy and paste an image from your personal computer in the search box.
  2. Press the camera icon, then select the tab which says “upload an image”, then select the file you want to search.
  3. Press the camera icon in the image search box, click on paste image URL tab, also paste the URL there.
  4. Just right-click an image on the web and click on Search Google for this image.


Making use of Reverse Image Search on your cell Phone.

What if you are traveling by train or bus? You might not be carrying your laptop. You can use Reverse Image on your mobile phone as well.

This facility is enabled on the Google Chrome application found on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Just tap on the picture which you are willing to search, once the bigger size is opened.

Press it, and then a box will become visible which says Search Google for this image.

Reverse image search is not unlimited in its approach.

Obviously, there are some reservations to it. It is only limited to the activities on the internet. It cannot bring pictures used on Twitter or Instagram. But, it does not decrease its worth.

Advantages of this process.

Have you ever wondered why it is important to use reverse image search?

It is a valuable tool to recognize data related to particular images, as mentioned earlier you can note how famous picture data has become and you can also know its location on the web. For your easiness, we have described the advantages of reverse image search below:

Evaluating the influence of your digital marketing

You can know with the reverse image that how your content has reflected with your viewers satisfactorily that others are merging it with their own content.

Seeking connecting prospects

The search gives you the details of websites that have copied your images, it could be those images which have been used with your prior permission or vice versa. You can create links back to your own website. 

Those people who have not informed you, it doesn’t matter, you can ask them to give you the credit by including your website link.

You have a right to fight for your intellectual property

In the field of digital marketing, people can use your content. It’s fine, as long as they include your hyperlink. But, what if someone uses your same picture, places their logo on it. This is a serious threat to your intellectual property right.

Be different from others

What if you have bought extremely costly stock images, after some time you see that others have the same pictures being used on their site? Searching sites that consist of your selected pictures can save your money because you will not buy them.

Save your company’s image

You might use the picture of a person to promote a peaceful campaign, however, on another website if that same person is posing for a war-based drama series. You can prevent such situations. Don’t use such pictures.