Is your start-up business site accessible? Important signs to consider

Recently, the digital domain is abuzz with the concept of website accessibility! And the reasons are for this is useful and essential. The fundamental idea of web accessibility is this – each person, which also includes people with disabilities, should have access to online and website content.

Website accessibility backdrop

For the ones who aren’t aware, web accessibility as a concept generated from ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It is a crucial civil rights law that bans all the disability associated with discrimination in public life. ADA has been present for a long time and made its impact felt in the telecommunications department. However, it’s only recently that this concept has become prevalent in the digital domain as well. Also, web accessibility today is essential factors to consider, as organizations, at times, fail in making their corporate websites entirely accessible for disabled individuals. Hence, a section of society decided that this needs correction. 

No start-up brand wants to get trapped in an endless lawsuit circle and garner negative publicity at the beginning of their business. Every customer needs to have access to your start-up business website content. To know whether your website is accessible or not, you can check out

There are a few essential signs that determine if your website is not accessible. The crucial ones are as follows:

  • You don’t use the alt text accurately 

The alt text for pictures is an essential guideline for enhancing SEO ranks as well. It enables you to add a few more keywords to your website content. On the other hand, the alt text can offer an SEO boost. The main objective is to make sure that specific people can have access to the context provided in a picture, even when they aren’t able to have a look at the original images.

The alt text enables the picture description to get read by the screen reader. It is a support device that narrates the website content loud for a person who has visual issues or is blind. Merely adding the alt text along with keywords isn’t going to offer the necessary context. Instead, it is essential for the alt text to have a detailed but concise description that correctly conveys the image context. You should make use of the same tactics for your website video content. Offer the correct transcript or captions that will make sure the screen reader functionality and also enhance the access for people who have hearing issues. 

  • Your website has navigation issues with a single keyword 

People who have dexterity or mobility issues, online navigation at times get done by using only the keyboard. The same applies for blind people who need to depend on the screen reader. Irrespective of this, you will come across several websites that have a few elements which render the content entirely inaccessible for the ones without a desktop mouse. Prominent web developers have found several issues that affect users who only keyboards. These issues are the complete page-banners that update the users of the inaccessible sub-menus and the cookie policy of the website. 

If you wish to resolve these problems, you need to go some right amount of work, on the HTML, of your website’s back end. Every aspect needs to enable the navigation to make use of tab and arrow keys. You need to keep an eye on any aspect of the website that isn’t accessible or can’t get navigated easily. 

  • Using tables on page layout

Making use of tables on a website has become an obsolete practice. But this is also a point of accessibility problem. Some readers face challenges in distinguishing between the tables that get utilized in a website layout. Also, other typical tables get used for displaying data. Making use of a table for a first list or site layout can make the screen reader verbalize the content in a disorderly way, which leads to a confusing experience.

Data tables need to get avoided as much as possible. And at times, when you must make use of the data table, you can use apt headers for every column and row. You can also offer captions that will enable the users with visual impairment to get a clear understanding of the content. 

  • You didn’t conduct the usability testing 

There are times when you must have used various accessibility features and still find that there are problems. It averts specific users from having a good experience reading your web content. User testing is an imperative aspect of generating a quality product. However, it helps in recognizing the other usability problems. And when you are making these changes, it’s a great idea to have various users with multiple disabilities attempt for performing fundamental tasks in the website. 

It will enable you to recognize and correct all the accessibility problems before live website updates. Once the website gets updated, it is a wise decision to conduct a web accessibility audit. You can get in touch with the third-party providers that can conduct audit on the website to make sure that your site adheres to the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It enables you to get hold of any problems that might lead to any content updates in the future.

However, when it comes to web accessibility, it isn’t all about averting the probable lawsuits or website function hurdles. It is also about developing an equal matrix for all to resort to the internet and make use of all the information conveyed. According to the latest study, about 48.9 million Americans suffer from disabilities. Some disabilities don’t impede a person’s capacity for using the internet. However, it still showcases a massive percentage of the entire population. And as a start-up business, when you fail to address all these accessibility problems, you are striking out several people from having access to your website content.

You can appoint an agency for your website designing or get it done all by yourself. It is essential to make sure that the site is accessible for all. When you ensure this, you can enjoy a good website, favorable online reputation, better SEO, and excellent online visibility as well.