Jazz Monthly Packages – All mentioned

Welcome readers! Today we are going to target very easy and the most searched and wanted topic from Pakistan. Yes, it is Jazz Monthly Packages. So our focus will be to cover this in a bit deep detail so that our visitors get it and find it beneficial. The sub topic Jazz SMS Packages Monthly is the important one so observe it well and note it down.

Before going to deep detail of this topic, first I want to talk about what is Jazz or so called Mobilink. The Jazz is a telecom company of Pakistan operating at the moment. A study on the customers of telecom operator show that Jazz is the only and number one network which has a lot of clients all over Pakistan. According to my experience and what I remember that Jazz is the very first one which was introduced in Pakistan.

So it is enough to talk about and introduce you to the Jazz. So let’s talk about our main topic now. I would start it in very sequence so that it could be easy for you guys to read and note it down:

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly

Bundle One

  • SMS: 12000
  • WhatsApp: 5000MB
  • Subscribe: *101*1*02#
  • Unsubscribe: *101*4*02#
  • Price: Rs 70

Bundle Two

  • SMS: 1000
  • On-Net: 10,000
  • Of-Net: 50
  • Internet: 1GB (1024MB)
  • Subscribe: *430#
  • Unsubscribe: *430*4#
  • Price: Rs 444

If you are a big fan of or you were the one searching for Jazz SMS Packages Monthly then I can claim that you would be very satisfy with these jazz text/sms packages. Since it includes all you need for one month. So enjoy it buddy if you need just SMS.

Jazz Call Packages Monthly 

Bundle One

  • On-Net: 10,000 Mins
  • Off-Net: 50 Mins
  • SMS: 1000
  • Internet: 1 GB
  • Subscription: *430#
  • Price: Rs 444 (Incl. tax)

Bundle Two

  • On-Net: 3000 Mins
  • Off-Net: 100 Mins
  • SMS: 300
  • Internet: 3 GB
  • Subscription: *706#
  • Price: Rs 533 (Incl. tax)

Which one did you like in the Call packages? As we mentioned one and two so let us know that which one according to you is best for our visitors to buy and use for coming 30 days. Visitors will enjoy your answers as well.

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly

Bundle One

  • MBs: 300MB
  • Duration: Weekly (24/7)
  • Subscribe: *117*3#
  • Price: Rs.50

Bundle Two

  • MBs: 2000MB
  • Duration: weekly (24/7)
  • Subscribe: *117*47#
  • Price: Rs.110

The internet monthly packages are very cheap by Jazz, that’s not expensive at all if we will compare it with other telecom companies operating in Pakistan.

This was all about today’s topic which we tried to cover and introduced to our valuable readers. We to appreciate your presence here and we really respect your ideas and comments, so if you have anything to share with us then please don’t forget to comment below and let us know about it.

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