How To Make Money Writing Online

The internet is opening numerous opportunities for skilled writers to earn a decent income. These opportunities include establishing your blog and creating content for clients who hire writers through the internet. Luckily, internet writing has been growing and creating more millionaires daily.  Nowadays, everyone cantry their skills and write  essay for money if they have a background.

A lot of writers have made a fortune writing online, and the opportunities are far from being exhausted. Still, other writers have failed to identify the opportunities that would bring money. Here are tested tips on how to make money online as a writer. 

Identify And Master A Particular Niche

The internet has endless opportunities for writers such that you cannot master all. Identify a niche and sharpen your skills in the area such that you will deliver the best quality work in the area. It is your work that will appeal to clients in the area because you have provided everything they would want to get. 

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The choice of a niche is crucial in determining your success. The selection of niche arises from the fact that you cannot be a jack of all trades. Here are questions that will guide you when choosing a writing niche for your online career.

  • What am I good at writing? The options include blogs, product reviews, web content, academic writing, poetry, press releases, and social media content, among others. 
  • Can I find enough clients? The workflow will vary from one writing genre to the other. For instance, if you start a blog, the revenue will depend on your monetization strategy. However, if you write for a blog, the owner will pay for your articles. Revenue will grow gradually, but it must be sustainable if your writing is to remain viable. 
  • Where is the money? The process of making money on your blog is different from working as a freelance writer. A freelance writer has to register on freelance websites or look for direct clients. On the other hand, the blog owner has to monetize his or her platform to make money. 

The best niche for a writer comes out of passion. The passion will turn you into a better writer who resonates easily with his readers. The enthusiasm is visible in every work you write. It will open more opportunities for your writing career. 

Constantly Sharpen Your Skills

Writing requirements change over time. Clients are also looking for new ways to communicate with their clients. As a writer, you must constantly sharpen your skills to deliver better quality writing to your clients. Read about new ideas in the industry. Consider feedback from readers and clients to assist you improve your writing style and format. Sharp skills will make your work captivating to read and appealing to readers. 

Establish An Own Blog

Bloggers are some of the highest-earning writers online. The blogger monetizes the platform to attract more revenue. It is these bloggers who hire freelance writers once they cannot manage the high volume of content required. How do you monetize a blog to earn you a fortune?



  • approach brands in your niche to pay for their content to appear on your platform. For instance, you may write about a brand or direct readers to the website of the sponsoring brand. 



  • high-quality content will attract more readers to your website. The numbers attract more advertisements to your site. 

Monetized blogs will earn a writer a decent fortune. However, you have to produce the best quality content to sustain traffic. Choose an area that can attract sufficient traffic to your website. 

Earning while writing online depends on personal effort. Clients will only pay for quality work delivered according to instructions. You must, therefore, understand what is required by your client if you wish to sustain your earnings while writing online.