Manage your surfing – Top Mozilla extensions

Firefox is the most popular and efficient browser in the world. Its capabilities can be attributed to extensions that boost overall performance and improved the user’s workflow. Extensions and add-ons increase the functionality of the Firefox browser. That is why in this article have chosen to focus on the best Mozilla Firefox extension that will give you a safe, stress-free, and secure browsing experience. Let us get into it.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the leading Firefox add-ons that can help you to block unwanted ads. Additionally, it ensures unnecessary ads on the websites are not displayed, thus helping you in clearing up your display. This prevents you from malware attacks that might have been encrypted in such malicious ads.

Additionally, you can regulate pop-up ads which that bring nuisance by using AdBlock plus. It gives you the mandate to view or block ads depending on your decision. It contains an option in which you can choose to view some ads by giving it the go-ahead to accept certain Ads. It also blocks social media buttons and malware domains, which could have possibly lead to an unsafe browsing experience in free to download browser.

Ghostery is another favorite Firefox ad blocker that is built in to ensure you have the ultimate browsing experience. It has several privacy features for Android, which can work best for Android devices. This allows for faster and safer browsing. Additionally, it is also simple and easy to understand how it works. Ghostery also has ghost search and ghost mode, which enables you to have private browsing sessions when using it.

This implies your search will be encrypted such that there’s no one who will be able to know what you have been searching for. Besides, it has enhanced protection. Ghostery also has mobile data-saving capabilities to prevent you from running out of data while browsing. It also allows you to save some passwords for your frequently accessed sites.

Dark reader

This is an open-source extension that has dark themes that makes it possible for you to read at night without straining your eyes. You can choose to customize brightness options depending on your needs. This extension also provides extra options such as theme generation and font customization. It also has various filter settings that enable you to customize the site for ultimate experience. Dark reader on Mozilla is absolutely free to use.

This is the most popular extension, especially when it comes to taking screenshots of anything on your browser screen. It has various customizable options that allow you to take a modified screenshot. Therefore, your screenshot can be printed or saved hence enabling you to share it over the social networks depending on the target audience.


Basically, it gives you the power to edit screenshots so that you have the best quality that people will admire when you share them. It actively competes with popular software to ensure Firefox becomes your all-time browser.


uMatrix is an ad blocker that is designed to determine what should not be displayed while browsing. It has more block options than uBlock origin. There are several types of data, such as cookies, Scripts, and Media, that you can block when using it.

The blocked elements will appear in red color while those that are given allowance to appear will be in green color. It also gives you ultimate control, which makes it easy to use. Therefore uMatrix guarantees privacy and security when using your firefox browser.


Grammarly is a Firefox extension that is popular among editors. Anytime you type something on the internet, Grammarly helps you to identify and correct mistakes. Therefore, by using Grammarly, you will enjoy spelling and grammar checkers, thus enabling you to type the correct spelling of certain words.

Besides, it offers a plagiarism detection checker to prevent you from plagiarizing somebody’s content. There are also other features such as punctuation checker, inappropriate tone detector, which ensures you have the best writing.

Grammarly also allows you to eliminate overused words by giving you an alternate word preference, and eventually, you will have a mistake-free content.


Firefox offers various ad blockers and extensions, which guarantees the best user experience while using it.

There are other extensions an ad blockers that are not in the list but their works for the common good of making Firefox your best all-time browser while accessing the internet.