More Than A Wrist Accessory: Knowing 6 Valuable Apps For Android Smartwatches

Some smartwatch makers include practical functionality right from the beginning, specifically with their default applications. However, you can turn this ordinary smartwatch into a compelling device with the help of useful applications.

Wear OS is Google’s platform for a smartwatch that powers a watch from several manufacturers. Since the release of smartwatches, there are countless Wear OS applications available that make you unable to decide which one is the most appropriate according to your everyday activity. 

Getting the Ideal Smartwatch Applications for Android

Google makes it easy to find new smartwatch applications for Wear OS devices, with a smaller version of Google Play ready on your wrist. In Google Play’s Wear OS version, you will notice a list of popular applications, a few helpful sections, as well as a list of applications on your smartphone that are available on the smartwatch version.

Since it could be so puzzling to sort over the thousands of smartwatch application choices on such a small screen, this article has some of the most helpful Wear OS applications to help you increase your productivity and access to vital information.

Google Maps

This app is truly a natural choice to have on Wear OS. Although it is more straightforward in comparison to the smartphone app version, this setting will make it easier for you to familiarize and finding a location that you may find interesting when you are walking around. 

Besides, Google Maps also has a feature that allows you to leave a pin to find the location that you want and start the navigation through your mobile device.


ParKing is a convenient little application that helps you locate where you parked your car. This application can come in handy, particularly in unfamiliar parking areas that make you forget where you parked your car.

After launching the application, all you need to do is press the tiny car icon to record where you parked. And, when it is time to find where you parked the car, you will be able to find its exact location by simply using Google Maps.


The AccuWeather application brings the very same weather forecasts you can see over the Internet or your smartphone to your Wear OS smartwatch. 

On the other hand, you won’t be able to obtain their radar, MinuteCast information, or any added-value features, because the data is pared down for the smaller screen on smartwatches. On a positive note, what you get is a weather application that is easy and clear to read.


Not all applications are captivating. You need some useful things in your smartwatch as well to keep everything running smoothly. That is why you must have a calculator app on your wrist. Well, it is not as fashionable as one of those vintage Omega Seamaster watches, but it is entirely quicker and more accessible to use.

Either you are checking your grocery spend before as you look for items or dividing the bill at a restaurant, having an instant calculator can undoubtedly make things easier.


If you are already familiar with using the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device, then having this on your smartwatch will be an excellent accessory to include in your arsenal. 

This application allows smooth access to all your authenticators through a swiping motion; besides, you will instantly notice that the numbers are big enough and comfortable to read even on limited smartwatch screens.

Water Drink Reminder

Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits in our body, but many people tend to forget to drink a glass now and then throughout the day, probably due to their busy schedules.

But with the help of this app, Water Drink Reminder will notify you to drink water at fixed intervals so that you stay hydrated. Plus, the application operates on both your smartwatch and smartphone, so there is a lesser probability of missing a reminder.

To Conclude

There is no stopping technological advancement in today’s modern world, and as a citizen, we must learn how to adjust and keep up with technology’s latest trends to make our lives easier. 

By having a smart device on your wrist is, without a doubt, one of the most helpful accessories you can wear every day because it can function both as a wristwatch and as a smaller smartphone.