New To League of Legends? 4 Important Things You Must Know

Becoming A Digital Athlete
Not only have conventional occupations become outsourced to the home owing to the 2020 pandemic, but sports are also no longer necessarily the sole province of teams on a field. Owing to decentralization, the internet, and breakthroughs in terms of gaming technology, now “athleticism” may well be defined by video games, and one of the most popular is LoL.

LoL stands for “League of Legends”. It’s a very fun game, it’s relatively straightforward, and whether you’re playing it professionally, or just for fun, there are a few things you’ll want to know. We’ll cover them here.

  1. It’s Not An MMORPG, It’s A MOBA
    An MMORPG is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Meanwhile, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. While MOBA game LoL was at least partially inspired by MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW), the two games have very different objectives.

They do have similar gameplay, in that you choose a character and build them up through varying battles. As you level up, different enemies and other groups of players may come against you, and a contest develops to determine who is the best.

Essentially, MMORPGs have a greater emphasis on storyline, and MOBAs have a greater emphasis on battle mechanics.

  1. Characters Do Level Up Based On Performance
    Speaking of battle mechanics, the way you play will help you win contests that provide you with skill level advancement. Starting out you’ll be at a default level of strength in terms of attacks, magic, summoning, and other related characteristics involving your party.

As you win battles, you earn gold, you gain experience points, and your characters “level up”. This is quite similar to how RPGs such as WoW work.

  1. The Importance Of Character Stats
    The “stats” of your characters are their default numbers starting out. Those stats will expand as you win contests, gain experience points, find items, and level up. Which stats you start with can help you succeed in certain contests. At the following site, you can check League of Legends stats to find which characters will be best suited to your playing style.

Often, stats are “weighted”. For example, a hypothetical character with a lot of “strength” may have little or no “magic” stats. Meanwhile, a summoner will have exceptional “magic” abilities, but almost no “strength”. Different sorts of characters have different associated stats.

  1. LoL May Be The World’s Largest “eSport”
    As was alluded to at the beginning of this writing, digital contests are now beginning to take the place of traditional athletic events. The new term for this is “eSport”. As it turns out, eSports are a billion-dollar industry, and they represent more than just a digital pastime. People can make careers out of such sports if they’re skilled enough.

Beyond making careers, there are varying groups that cast wagers, and even television networks that follow players who have skill in their varying digital contests. LoL is one of the premier eSports out there right now, so if you really want to do well in this burgeoning industry, learn this game.

For Fun Or Profit, LoL Is Worth Playing
So LoL is one of the world’s largest eSports, and a serious contender in that field. To do well, you need to know what characters are complimentary. Which ones match your skills as a player, and others with whom you might play on the same team against varying adversaries? Stats help answer these questions.

You can level up, but the game is a MOBA, not an MMORPG. Accordingly, the focus tends to be on battles and battle mechanics over the storyline. Certainly, there’s much more to know about LoL. If you’re really going to understand how it works, at some point you’ll just have to play.