Press Releases and their Increased Stranglehold 

Social networks have revolutionized how people communicate. It has paved the way for many civil alterations and also created a pop culture phenomenon. As businesses learn how to get the best of social media to reach new customers, a familiar marketing tool – the press release- gains a new purpose. Press releases are a much vital tool now and have gained more importance in successfully spreading your word. Discover how you can use the best press release distribution service and explicit substance to support investors, clients, likely representatives, and have other objective gatherings get familiar with your organization. 


The New Image of Public Relations:


Companies of varying sizes have adopted the methodology of using social media as a crucial part of their relations with the public and fulfilling their marketing needs. As social media continues to replace the old and outdated channels of brand promotion and communication, public relations has ended up synonymous with social media promotion.

For most businesses, PR and social media lay down a concrete platform for brand awareness and general marketing campaigns. Before the advent of social media, companies were only left with a long and arduous process of contacting journalists who served as gatekeepers. However, mixed with social media now, press releases are:


  1. Vital search engine optimization (SEO) tools that assist investors, customers, clients and other target groups discovering and exploring companies online;
  2. A permanent part of a company’s public records, easily accessible for the foreseeable future; and
  3. Direct communications tool that can deliver messages to a large number of people.



What Makes Press Releases So Important?


Corporations are finally recognizing the worth of press releases in the world of digitalized marketing. There have also been numerous alterations to this marketing form to meet the growing needs. Specific strategies seem to be working great for many businesses. Following are some reasons why press releases have become so important:


  • Product reveal. The reveal of new products and services becomes easy. Press release distribution services can help your drafted press release come up on all major search engines instantly. Reporters can reach you quickly due to the increase in your visibility status.
  • Make your brand face reputable. Publishing has become very easy. Therefore, companies can send out multiple press releases with not much trouble. The more you post, the better your reputation gets.
  • Multimedia catches the viewer’s attention. The relatively newer addition to press releases, multimedia is a great way to engage your audiences’ interests.
  • Almost instantly accessible to every person in the world with an active internet connection. Social media outlets have made the spread of information so quick and straightforward. Within a matter of seconds, and a couple of clicks, your data can be shared on social media networks and through email to the digital world.
  • Chances of stepping in the world of popularity. Traditional methods of marketing barely had a way in which official statements could go ‘viral.’ However, press releases have now made that possible. More people tend to now share your stories on their social media networks based on the interest they have in your highlights.
  • Ease to access. Press releases can be viewed on devices as small as a smartphone. Your news is portable to carry and can be read by anyone with an internet connection and a digital device.


Press release distribution services make your job easy by helping you get your word around at a budget-friendly cost. The above listed are just a few of the many ways which make press releases the best marketing tool.