Pros and Cons of Tankless Toilets


Tankless toilets (just as the name implies) refer to toilets that do not need tanks or any external water supply means to have them flushed after use. Water flows into them via an inner-fixed thick-like pipeline into the wall, which could have your wastes cleared off –going down into the drainage at a single flush. Meanwhile, as interesting as this sounds, it could not be enjoyable for homes that do not have excellent power supplies that could run them at a ‘go.’ As disadvantageous as that may seem for them, there are much more benefits attached to its use, which would be spelled out at the end of this article.

The invention of Tankless Toilets

In the former days, all toilets and WCs were run with tanks or evident water means placed around them. This dates back to the 16th century when an English poet named John Harington raised the model. The tank-type model of toilets invented by this man is so useful and essential – many of which are still on trend today. As excellent as the flush-type of WCs are, there are lots of problems accounted for them, and the main problem they faced –especially when it was first discovered – was that only a few people were able to afford indoor plumbing at the time. Hence, the reason for inventing tankless toilets. 

Of course, tankless toilets raked even higher in price, but they serve way more and in all ramifications. A company called Sloan Valve had arranged thoughts ad reviews (as regards the intricacies observed in the tank-type WCs), and therefore pushed out a new model in the year 1906 which would help normalize the use of WCs (especially because of the water-generating factor). This model controls water flow with each flush allowing a certain amount of water which would be enough for definite cleansing of the zinc bowl. 

Positive and Negative attributes

Just as discussed in the overview session of tankless toilets, there are so much of benefits attached to them than disadvantages that could be realized. These little disadvantages include:

  • They are super costly.
  • They are not advisable for too many users.
  • They are noisier when flushing.
  • They are electricity dependent.
  • The installation has to be so professional.

Also on the other page, the benefits of tankless toilets include:

  • They are easily maintained.
  • They possess night light which helps users even when there’s a power outage.
  • It requires less water compared to every other WCs.
  • They take up less space.
  • They are stylish and modern (making your toilet room look fancy).
  • They automatically flush themselves (hands-free).
  • They are made with awesome heated seats.
  • They come with spray massage and warm air dryers.

Final thought

There are a long-list number of reasons why you should go for tankless toilets (out of which are mentioned above). Although they are superb and indeed an outstanding regeneration of WC, the key problem with them remains that they’re even way costlier than the existing (tank-type) mode. But that doesn’t stop you from getting them, because they are more suitable for home use. Check out the best tankless toilets for your home.