Role of Tech in Video Marketing

If you have looked into the field of marketing, you would know that video making is the best way to deliver value to a customer. And for that, you need to make videos that offer complete information about the product or service you are trying to sell. 

After you have uploaded your videos, you would have to have a tech person in the team to check the statistics. Your further activity of video marketing will be based on the analysis of how well your previous videos have done. 

Here are the technological aspects that you have to take care of.


Click away rate 

How long, on average, do your viewers tend to watch your videos? How many watch till the end? What is the point in a video where the audience has clicked away most? You would need to know all of this if you want to make your video production better.

Usually, the audience will decide in the first few seconds if the video is worth watching till the end of not. So, make them as valuable as possible. If the audience is clicking away too soon, and if the number of people who watch the whole video is too less, then you would have to up the quality of the videos you are making.



Demographics are basically the information of the audience. What age group does your target audience belong to? Where is your target audience located? What are their interests? The answers to all these questions contribute to research about demographics.

By looking into the demographics, you can determine if the video content managed to reach your target audience or not. If you couldn’t get to the audience that is most likely to buy your product, you would have to re-adjust the traffic sources.



On which platform did your videos receive most engagement? If you did better on one social media and not the other, you can see how you could improve your engagement on that website. And the site that got more engagement, you can pay attention to how your audiences are reacting and modify your conduct accordingly. 


Traffic sources

The traffic that you are getting will come from different sources. Sometimes, your website is bringing in the best results. Other times, your Instagram page will seem to put your latest post forward in their algorithm and get you the most engagement. Whatever the case, you need to keep a track of everywhere your traffic is coming from. And if your socials or other marketing sites are not bringing enough potential customers, they need to be revised and their marketing strategies modified. 



Lastly, you need to account for the total number of views you got on the video. If your video was on YouTube and was shared on other social media sites, you will be able to get a total count. Make sure it stays up.