Should A Business Get VoIP? These Are The 4 Reasons It’s The Next Logical Step for 2021

Should A Business Get VoIP? These Are The 4 Reasons It’s The Next Logical Step for 2021

Did you know that around 33 percent of all businesses use VoIP? And most of those have less than 50 employees!

If that sounds shocking to you, it shouldn’t be! If anything, it’s more surprising that not more enterprises have abandoned their old communication systems with a new, modern one.

Especially considering how affordable and customizable VoIP systems offered by virtual phone number netherlands providers like Telnum offer, there should be no reason that you shouldn’t be able to switch.

Because in the end, you’ll only be faced with two options: you’ll delay upgrading to VoIP until everyone’s already on it or you’ll go for it now.

There’s no question. VoIP is here to stay, just as traditional phone systems are on their way out. If you’re still not convinced about how valuable (and even indispensable) it could be for your enterprise, keep reading.

Here, we’ll discuss why switching to VoIP should be your company’s next big move:

It’s a Great Way to Keep Costs Down

If you don’t get to read this entire article, you should at least know this: there have been dozens of case studies where VoIP helped slash phone bills by 90 percent.

Because you’re getting rid of international call costs with VoIP, you’d see that a lot of what you’ve been paying for in the past could be erased almost overnight! But even if your staff doesn’t call internationally all the time, there are other ways that VoIP can help you save, like:

  • Making cheap offshore labor accessible. Should you need additional staff whose job description doesn’t require their presence in the office, you could hire somewhere labor is cheaper to save money.
  • Getting rid of maintenance and repair costs. With VoIP, there’s nothing for you to repair or maintain. There’s no actual physical equipment involved, apart from the ones you already have.
  • Having affordable features. Traditional phone companies would require you to use a certain device for almost every additional feature you need. Because VoIP has everything in the cloud, add-ons won’t be nearly as pricey.

It Works On All Work Setups

Do you remember how everything just came to a halt when COVID-19 first hit the entire world? A lot of businesses were not able to continue their operations because they just didn’t have the communications system required to make it possible.

Although you can technically continue managing your staff while they work remotely, it’s very hard to maintain the productivity and efficiency that they were able to deliver before. And that’s not their fault.

Without immediate access to your colleagues, there will naturally be delays in decision-making and in extension, on delivering results. But the beauty of VoIP is that you don’t have to be in a remote setup for it to work.

Even if you’re all on-site, VoIP is still the right choice because it can remove the need to perform non-productive tasks such as transcribing a call or manually forwarding it.

The same goes if you have employees whose work always takes them outside. With a strong mobile data connection, they can still be connected to the main office no matter where they are.

It Has Better Customer Support.

You’ve been there before. You know how long it takes for a traditional phone company to fix an issue. Depending on how complicated the issue is and how reliant the stability of your business is on answering calls, this could pose a serious issue.

That’s why before, bigger companies would hire a whole dedicated team just to prevent and address potential problems. As important as that job may be, it’s not exactly the light on the pocket.

Hiring even an additional person costs a lot. From the time spent on screening to offering fair compensation, it may be something that not every company could afford.

And with the lost productivity from the lagged response time of your usual phone companies, it may even severely dent their income.

If this is something that’s important to you, you’ll love how user-friendly VoIP is. The platform is designed to be easy to use, so you don’t need a specialist to help you set it up.

Plus, providers usually have web and phone support that resolves issues more quickly.

It’s More Flexible

We may take flexibility for granted, but in times of uncertainty, it’s extremely helpful. For example, you’ve consistently had a few bad months so you decided to let go of some of your staff.

You don’t have to keep the exact VoIP system. You can downsize it to respond to your needs. At the same time, you can easily scale up to keep up with the demands of a growing business.

There’s a lot to love about VoIP. So if you want to enjoy these benefits and more, make the switch today!