“Survival of the fittest” in Ark console gaming

ark commands gamingGaming fans are going insane over the all-new Ark Console Gaming that has put the action-adventure niche on fire. Survival games are always an all-time-favorite for the game-geeks and adventure can never be an outdated concept. With this idea in a frame, the developers have programmed Ark console gaming to fascinate gamers worldwide with their difficulty levels and responsive as well as captivating interface. 

A brief profile of Ark gaming

Released on August 27, 2017, the gaming program was made compatible with a variety of systems including Xbox, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The best part is that the game can be played either from a third party or a first-party perspective so whether on the single-player or multiplayer option, you can enjoy the game either ways. Developed by Studio Wildcard the game is a true marvel of the gaming world that is evolving reforms and the survival genre since the day of its inception. 

The whole plot of the game

The story of the Ark console gaming revolves around a dinoriffic survival game with a multitude of futuristic additions. The game operates on a dynamic day and night cycle in an open world environment. The players have to survive in the game after being stranded on a deserted island filled with dinosaurs. Apart from these prehistoric animals and hostile human players, there are other natural hazards as well that you will have to combat in order to live inside the game also read about Escape rooms in Northwest Indiana.

If you are opting for the single-player mode you have to build bases using fire and weapons and do additional activities as well like feeding and taming the dinosaurs but if you are playing in the multiplayer mode there are other alternatives a swell like building a tribe with the game members in the server. The world of Ark is estimated to be 48 square kilometers and near about 176 creatures are thriving in the land of Ark.

More than survival


After the development of the game, there are many expansions and spin-offs as well that made the game a name and fame in the heart of several players. The spins off games include ARK Park and PixArk that had similar and evolved features which were an absolute appeal for the true gamers. There is also a paid DLC released by Studio Wildcraft named as Scorched Earth with a new desert-themed map and resources to make the real-life more relatable to the fictional world. 

The negative side

Though many players appreciated the life-like interface that is nothing less than a visual delight, the easy controls, and the game line, the game also has been criticized widely because of its reliance of grinding and the punishing tendency. But to be on the brighter side of the coin the Ark gaming console is a huge hit all across the globe and has sold more than one million copies on its early access release over Steam. This is all possible to due to high end performing ark server worldwide.