Table Saw Uses and Benefits

Table benches, site, and table saws let you cut crosscuts, bevel, rip miter, and crosscut cuts with confidence and safety. One of the advantages that come with using this type of saw instead of a circular or miter saw is that they’re stationary, which allows you to see the cut as you cut it while keeping you secure throughout the process, particularly when making large cuts on huge workpieces. 

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If that’s the case with you, and you’re required for cutting wood selecting a table or site saw that permits the user to work in small spaces is essential. This Tool stop guide will guide you through the things you need to be looking for when purchasing the table or the site saw.

What exactly is what is a Table Saw used for?

Expandable Sides

A major benefit of a Table or Site Saw is the capability to expand the sides so that you can cut larger pieces of work, even when you’re within a smaller workspace (or as much space is available). The bigger the table, the greater work surfaces you’ll get, so the larger you can make it the more efficient.

Blade Size

A blade length of approximately 10” or 254mm is essential. This will provide you with adequate cutting capacity, but will also permit you to change blades using the miter saw.

Riving Knife

A cutting knife for riving is a crucial kick-back security feature. You should look for the possibility to take it off or adjust it so that you can cut in a concealed manner. However, it’s installed on the saw to serve a reason, which is your security.

Side Fence

The rip fence must be firmly and securely gripping the back and front of the table in a straight line parallel to the blade. Certain rip fences are adjusted upwards or downwards based on the piece of work you’re cutting, as well as the type of cut you’re creating.

Blade Adjustment

A simple adjustment of the blade is essential and can be found at the end of the blade, typically as an adjustable wheel that you can turn to alter the blade’s height to work with larger pieces of work, and the angle to make bevel cuts.

Mitre Gauge

This will permit you to cut miters however the gauge must be able to fit securely and safely within the table at the desired angle.

Blade Guard and Dust Extraction

It’s no surprise that the blade of the table or on the site saw will be turning at high speeds, therefore the safety of your workpiece from the blade is crucial. The guard should be on the table in a straight line and then move up to the workpiece’s top while cutting. A push stick can be included with your saw.

Since you’re likely to be working in a tight space and dust removal is essential. Choose a tool that lets you connect your machine to the dust extraction system. this is a health safety necessity. 


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