Teach Kids Multiplication with the Talented and Gifted App

Kids, like everyone else, need to know how to do multiplication and division as they’re learning math. By now, modern smartphones and calculators can give you results in split seconds. Most times they replace the need to know how to do math by heart. But it is beneficial if a child knows basic mathematical functions not just because they are likely to use them but because they will train their memory, get better at making estimates, and at thinking critically.

Now, I’m sure you may be thinking that there’s no time to teach your children multiplication and division by heart. That’s where 3rd grade learning apps come in! Learning apps like the Kids Academy apps for grade 3 have been developed with all the necessary resources and materials, which will teach your child critical thinking skills through the medium of multiplication.

For instance, the Kids Academy array method for repeated addition is captivating, providing a fresh approach to a traditional method. It is also more interactive than using a calculator.

How can learning addition using arrays be different than the traditional method? Let’s check it out below.

Lessons on Arrays (Repeated Addition)

Say goodbye to “boring” traditional methods of learning addition. The concept of arrays is the key to an engaging experience that boasts effortless, intelligent results.

The grade 2 array addition lessons teach how arrays can be used to add multiple numbers with great ease. Array addition is filled with engaging activities that build fundamental skills for multiplication and division.

There are so many possible applications of the learning resources. It can be used as a warm-up exercise in the classroom for kids to practice their addition. It can also be used for tutoring kids who need extra help with addition.

Lessons on arrays (repeated addition) also has an array worksheet that is colorful and conversational to aid kids to quickly grab the concept and also sharpen their critical thinking abilities especially when it comes to arithmetics.

Kids Academy App  lessons on Array (Repeated Addition) Worksheet

The learning resources are a great tool for parents to use at home with the kids. This will enhance the bonding moments between them while they learn together. Additionally, this will allow you to assess your kid’s knowledge about arrays and strengthen their foundation in addition.

Multiplication and Division Math Course for 3rd Grade

One of the things to like about the Kid Academy App is that it is not just another flashcard app. It’s great for helping kids learn multiplication facts because it allows them to learn them in a fun way. The fact that it also has quizzes and videos gives students a chance to be creative in how they learn their multiplication facts.

The Kids Academy has a 3rd grade learning app that focuses on providing students with a fun and engaging way to learn multiplication and division in third grade 3.

Each lesson begins with teaching equal groups and moving one to learn and practice multiplication facts (through worksheets and quizzes). 

The app then transitions into learning multiplication through division, showing students that division can be broken down into multiplication. 

The course progresses by linking division to multiplication, allowing students to solve problems by first finding the “missing factor” instead of just guessing at answers.

For example, the multiplication game below is fun and creative to find the missing number as well as the product of multiplying both numbers.

Finally, Students will also learn how to divide by grouping. This process involves dividing a larger number into equal parts, counting those parts, then multiplying by the original amount of parts to find out how many there were in the first place. This is another equally important math skill that we must master if we want to be able to successfully multiply or divide by numbers larger than 5 or 10.

Once students have mastered this concept, they’ll be ready for long division. Finally, students will be asked to think about a given multiplication problem as a division problem, relating addition and multiplication, counting rows and columns to multiply. 

About Kids Academy

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