The 8 Types Of Website You Should Know About Before You Make A Website

A website is vital today more than ever when there are over 4 billion people browsing websites all over the globe. If you are thinking of creating a website then you should know about the different ways that exist to make a website. Here are 8 unique types of websites that you can create and what each comprises.

Creating a website involves some essential steps. The first and most important step is to choose the domain. You have to hire website design agencies and plan the domain of your website, of course, the domain will offer this idea and brand name, so if you are serious about your website business you can’t buy any available domain. The second important step is getting a hosting, the world of website hosting offers you many hosting options. Public cloud hosting is a great option if you want to share your hosting load at affordable rates. However, the choice of hosting depends on the goals and objectives of a particular website.

Business Website


A study revealed that only half the businesses that are operating today have a website. What you need to know is that up to 80% of people search for a business’s website before they make their decision about purchasing anything from that business. Hence, it is beneficial for every business to have a business website. A business website should have information about the business, the goods and services it offers, and its clients. A business website can help improve SEO ranking as well. This type of website can add elements of an e-commerce website.


Brochure Website


When you make a website you have the option of creating a brochure website that is a step easier than a full-fledged business website. A brochure website has important information about your business but it isn’t one where you provide all the nitty-gritty details about your business. If you just want to have an online presence until you have the resources to create a proper business website then a brochure website is a good choice to consider. This type of website is generally more SEO friendly.


Portfolio Website


A portfolio website is an online version of a physical portfolio. If you want to showcase your skills then a portfolio website is a great option that can do wonders for you. Freelancers create portfolio websites when they are searching for a particular job or when they want to show their skills and talents. Service providers who have good technical skills such as web design are the ones who generally create these. A portfolio website can help you attract clients and can help you in numerous ways.


E-Commerce Website


Do you want to make a website to make money? Then you can choose to create an e-commerce website. You will be able to sell products and services to your customers through an e-commerce website. They can add items to their shopping cart and then pay via payment gateway when they wish to place an order. You can use the dropshipping model for creating an e-commerce website if you want to lessen the burden of managing an inventory since your supplier will ship to your customer directly after they place an order on your e-commerce website. 

An example of an e-commerce website.


Nonprofit Website


A nonprofit website is one where you can talk about a nonprofit organization that you have started or one that you want to create awareness about. One of the most difficult things about a nonprofit organization is funding and through the website, you can spread the word to boost funding. You can even explain how your nonprofit works so people can understand more about your mission and how you plan to achieve it. The main goal should be making people want to participate such as by donating or letting more people know about it.


Media Or Entertainment Website


You can make a website such as a media website where you have the latest news and updates about events. While the two might sound like the same, they are not. While a media website is all about news stories written by journalists and reporters, entertainment website is a less serious matter. An entertainment website can contain items such as gossip, quizzes, comic pieces, and so on that are interesting and entertaining. Media websites can contain content of entertainment websites and vice versa.


Community Forum


Community forums are great if you want more people to join and give their opinion about something. For example, you can post a topic and those interested in the topic can give their views about it. A community forum lets you know about the different opinions that are present. A community forum can help start a conversation about something and people can add valuable information to it over time. This type of collaborative approach enables people to add what they know.


Blog Website


One of the ways to make a website is to write blogs. A blog website contains blogs that you write. Blogs are usually specific in nature as they are focused on one category. Examples of categories include self-improvement, beauty, and dogs. Monetizing is generally easier with these websites when you concentrate on writing about a particular category. Once you become an expert your readers will know what to expect and can look forward to reading what you write. You can then make money by using affiliate marketing on the website.


At the end of the day, you want to think about your purpose and your audience before you make a website. You want to ensure that the visitors can get value from your website and that you have all the resources you need to create the perfect website. If you want to create a website easily then Shopify is one of the best tools available out there that provide you with a plethora of options.



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