The Be All End All Of Home Water Purification

Home water purification is becoming increasingly common and for all the right reasons. More and more homeowners are realizing that their tap water isn’t as safe as they thought it to be.

Contaminated water isn’t only a health hazard but also a nuisance. It may have a foul odor, a disgusting taste, and suspicious color. So you noticed all these red flags and got a water purification system. Congratulations.

But when was the last time you checked the filters or replaced them? Do you regularly maintain your water filters? If your answer is no, you’re probably drinking the same dirty water that you were before the filter installation.

That’s because unmaintained water filters lose their filtering capacity over time, becoming useless. Therefore, maintenance and replacement are the be-all and end-all of home water purification, and you need to be vigilant about it.

What Does Your Home Filtration System Filter?

A water filtration system removes impurities and living organisms from water, including bacteria, sediments, and heavy metals. All these contaminants can be categorized as:

  • Turbidity: It refers to the water’s cloudiness. Microorganisms and inorganic chemicals cause cloudiness – both being a threat to your gastrointestinal health.
  • Water Hardness: It’s the measure of hard minerals, primarily magnesium and calcium, in water. These minerals harden the water, making it leave deposits on your kitchen appliances, pipes, and fixtures.

The EPA has a regulated list of contaminants in drinking water. The list contains substances that have been proven to be harmful to human health as per the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Going through the list will make you realize the toll your water filter goes through to provide you with clean drinking water. So, it only makes sense to ensure regular maintenance of the system for its efficient functioning.

Lifespan Of Water Filters

Most water filters last for 6 to 12 months and need to be replaced once they’ve outlived their maximum efficiency period. If you don’t regularly maintain the filters, their lifespan decreases due to damaged cartridges and clogged pores.

Not maintaining or replacing the filters means you’re practically drinking contaminated water. Here are two other factors that affect a filter’s lifespan:

  1. Water quality: If the water coming to your home is rich in contaminants, the filter will have to work at a faster rate to remove these impurities. Therefore, it will lose its maximum efficiency much quicker than a filter that’s cleansing relatively less impure water.
  2. Water usage: Typically, if your home’s water consumption is higher, the filter will be used more and have a reduced lifespan.

When Should You Replace A Water Filter?

Often, it’s pretty evident that the filter needs replacement because you’ll notice a foul taste and odor in the water. If you check the filters regularly, you’ll know when the filtering capacity has expired. That’s when you should replace the filter.


However, if you’ve just recently installed a reverse osmosis purification system and it is malfunctioning, you need to look for a way to troubleshoot the problem rather than replacing the whole system. Here are some common problems that might require troubleshooting:

  • Leakages
  • Foul-tasting water
  • Noisy drain
  • A slow flow rate or low faucet pressure
  • RO storage tank doesn’t fill up

Maintenance Tips For Home Water Purification Systems

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure your home filtration system does its job efficiently for years to come:

  • Sanitization: Sanitize your water filters at least once every year. You can let a professional take charge of this or buy a sanitization kit to do it manually.
  • Clean the exterior: Make sure you wipe away gunk and dirt from the exterior of the filtration system.
  • Replace RO filters: Change the reverse osmosis filters in the water purifier every six to nine months, depending on use.

Follow these maintenance practices to ensure your drinking water is well-purified and the purifiers stay in top-notch condition.