The Best Method to Choose Laptops

In the laptop field, there are to giants—Mac OS and Windows. Apple laptop and its mobile phone share the same concept. There are not many product models. Users have good feedback on battery life, screen color, sound quality, touch pad experience and lightness and portability. 

The advantage of Windows products lies in the diversity of product choices. No matter what kind of screen size, CPU model and display card model you want, you can find them. Dozens of hardware can even combine thousands of models.

laptops with strong performance are not light and thin. It is cumbersome to carry them when going out. Light and thin laptops cannot have both high performance and long battery life. It is difficult for people to choose. 

How to choose a laptop suitable for you? First of all, we must make clear our purpose.

For Gamers: 

Large-scale game is a test for GPU, CPU, memory, hard disk and heat dissipation design. Today FPS video game takes high refresh rate as one of the winning condition. Gaming laptops give priority because of performance. Gamers consider the following priorities when selecting gaming laptops: 

  1. CPU, GPU, memory hardware index 
  2. Heat dissipation performance 
  3. Screen refresh rate 
  4. Hard disk capacity, hard disk type 
  5. Portability 

To sum up, gamers’ laptops need high-performance CPU + high-performance GPU + large-capacity memory + high refresh rate screen + excellent heat dissipation design. 

You can know CPU performance according to the suffix number of the product name. The larger the number, the stronger the performance. 

GPU performance is  the same: the larger the suffix number, the stronger the performance. 

Products with strong performance and good heat dissipation and low price are 20mm thick. The weigh is more than 2kg. Heavy products are not suitable for going out.

For Designers: 

Creators use laptops to run professional software. They run PS, PR, AE, 3DsMax, etc. They have a high demand for laptop hardware configuration. Their priorities for laptop configuration are as follows: 

  1. Screen gamut and color accuracy 
  2. Portability 
  3. CPU, GPU, memory hardware index 
  4. Expansion, Transmission, Network Connectivity 

To sum up, most designers need high-quality laptops. They have higher requirements for screen effect and portability, storage, transmission and scalability. For example, HONOR MagicBook 15 can give consideration to both performance and battery life. It is thinner, lighter and more portable than gaming laptops.


So far, whether it is game enthusiasts, designers or the core users of light and thin laptops, Windows laptops can provide everyone with a consistent and good experience.