The Best of Samsung Latest Phone Singapore

The sweeping technological advancement impacts many markets, and especially the smartphone world revolves around the leaps and bounds of the amazing electronic advances, this is how we see in the market increasingly amazing and full of new features of these phones.

The cellular industry is witnessing the impressive presence of the Samsung latest phone Singapore, models that to tell the truth, to call them sophisticated, we would fall short, the Samsung Galaxy- A72 has emerged with the air of King of the phones, it is an excellent successor to the previous model of this South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy- A71, this new model among its main letters of introduction consists of a super screen that works by means of organic matrices that are activated through diodes for the emission of light that is controlled by two special transistors of very thin films for each pixel of the screen.

This type of screen shows images with unparalleled sharpness, brightness, and definition, thanks to the way the images are controlled by four layers, one of the anode, an intermediate one that is the organic, one for the cathode, and the layer of the circuitry, this screen technology provide lower power consumption, so the battery charge has a longer duration, is 6.7 inches, and FHD + this type of resolution is the greatest innovation in an all-screen mobile as the Samsung latest phone Singapore.

The processor of this phone has 8 cores, these offer greater performance in the execution of processes, allowing the opening and simultaneous work of several applications, is a Qualcomm-Snapdragon with 720G and various configurations, has a RAM memory of 6 GB and 8 GB that give the user sufficiency providing a great speed of execution of applications, for internal storage the Samsung latest phone Singapore has 128 GB of internal storage, which is like having a large cabinet in the closet to store everything we have, and we over space.

It has a biometric reader and sensor for 2D facial features, the 5,000 mAh battery charges very quickly, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, providing a lasting charge of up to two days,

The rear camera of the Samsung latest phone Singapore has a telephoto quadruple with a sensor that provides 64,12, 8, and 5 MP, and the front is 32 MP with high resolution, one of the best for a selfie of those on the market.

The version of the operating system with which it works is Android-11, with respect to sound this phone seems to have no rivals, the two speakers produce high fidelity stereo sound, with very high volume peaks of up to 100 decibels without distortion.

In terms of appearance the Samsung latest phone Singapore has a matte polycarbonate finish, with the characteristic of not registering fingerprints, remaining as if not touched, and the dimensions in mm are a height of 165, with a width of 77.4 and 8.4 thick, weighing only 203 grams.

This model A-72 is a smartphone that meets the expectations that a phone of its category should have, with strong points difficult to overcome by other models such as the advanced screen, the excellent sound, the zoom technology of the cameras, and the goodness of the battery.