The Best Security Doors in London

You could hardly find a man who would not care about his and his family’s safety as it is one of the most important things in order to have calm and comfortable life. When it comes to home security, exterior door is probably the wisest investment for those who seek to improve their home security. 

When discussing about doors it would be difficult not to mention Top Security Doors, LTD which offers a wide range of security doors for private property as well as public buildings. The company uses the highest quality materials and has years of experience in this sphere as well as number of celebrities among of all their loyal customers, it leaves no doubts that the doors they make are extraordinary. 

You may ask why those security doors are so special. First of all, Top Security Doors offer secure construction having 80 mm steel outline and 75 mm door leaf thickness which ensures the medium security risk against the intruders and attempts of burglaries. Secondly, they are fire resistant for up to 30 minutes. Thirdly, as the locking system is the most significant to create a barrier to keep intruders away, the doors have multi-point locking system, locking with 1 bolt upwards and downwards, 4 bolts to the main locking side and has 4 fixed hinge bolts. Finally, for those who need the maximum security performance, Top Security Doors offer bullet proof roof installation such as DIAMOND series which ensures the highest security level and are mostly used in banks or embassies. 

The security doors by Top Security Doors, LTD is widely known for their production quality. What is more, the doors are made from the highest quality materials and have 10 years warranty for the construction of metal as well as 5 years for wooden panels. The latest technology engineered wood EDM and RUUKKI stainless steel are expected to last for more than 50 years. It should not be surprising as the door test showed that even after 200 000 times opening and shutting the entryways the door was in a perfect condition. It is obvious that all the production is certified by highest British and European standards (Certified as PAS 24 and Secured by Design and Police, EN 1627).

Top Security Doors are praised not only because of the safety and quality but also of a flexibility which enables customers to choose among a variety of models. Most people when heard about security doors for the first time, imagine heavy prison doors which have nothing to do with the ones we are discussing about. Top Security Doors provides with an opportunity to select the security doors not only from the standard models but also to design one of your own as there are no limits and they can be made of any design, colour and size. In other words, installing good security doors not only improve your home security but also add some style. You may check the examples of the already installed door: