The Best Thing About Acer Laptops

The top Acer laptops stand by the Taiwanese manufacturer’s reputation for providing high-quality devices at a reasonable price. This has earned the company lots of respect among budget-conscious buyers all seeking to maximize every dollar. While these prices aren’t enough to fool most people into thinking they were running the same temperature as the Harrier Jump Jet, Acer has proved themselves to be more than able of delivering affordable hardware that customers can trust.

Different variety of laptops

Acer provides a huge assortment of laptops, including lightweight Chromebooks to powerful, creator-class laptops. There’s an array of options to look through and that means Acer has something that will appeal to everyone. If you’re bound to a specific brand, then you could look through our article on the best Acer Gaming laptop that is available. If you’re on the price range in your mind, check out our pick of the top laptop for under $1,000. And if your budget is limited, there are plenty of laptops that cost less than $500.

We’ve put together details of Laptop Magazine’s most reviewed Acer laptop so that you can easily separate the grain from the chaff in determining which models are worth your money. To be considered for the top spot, the laptop must be rated at a minimum of 4 stars on their reviews, and they were evaluated no more than two years old. So, without further delay now, let’s dive into our selections of the top Acer laptop for 2022.

What are the top Acer laptops?

It’s Acer Predator Triton 500 SE is a real beast that can take on almost anything you put it through. An established and trusted combination with An Intel Core i9 processor with an Nvidia RTX 30-series GPU made easy work of our tests for synthetic benchmarks. It surpassed premium gaming laptop benchmarks and proved to be an all-purpose device. Although it’s designed to be a gaming laptop, there’s a lot of potential for this Triton 500 SE to be far more. Video editors, content creators’ gamers, programmers, and game developers are all encouraged to take note.

Acer Chromebook

Acer produces some stunning Chromebooks however one is a cut over the rest. It’s the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is an outstanding machine that can completely dispel some of the negative perceptions associated with web-based notebooks. It packs a powerful punch due to its eleventh Gen Intel Core i5 processor as well as 8GB of RAM and it has a strikingly colorful and vibrant 13.5-inch display. It might appear to be excessive, but it’s going to be a great choice for enthusiasts and power users who want to run heavy Android or Linux applications.

If you’re looking specifically for an Acer laptop There’s a good chance that you’re already looking for an affordable option. It might be a bit old-fashioned in comparison to other contenders on our site but Acer’s Aspire 5 still has something to offer, specially priced below $400. It is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM it’s Aspire 5 offers impressive performance and an admirable ability to multitask. It also features a vibrant 1080p display, a large keyboard, and an elegant aluminum chassis that appears away from its price point.


If you are using a computer, then you know its importance for your work, that’s why you should be looking for top-level laptops. And Acer laptops will be a great choice for you. One of the best features to look forward to in an Acer laptop is that it comes with a touchscreen display which makes working on this machine so much easier If you want to know more about this, then visit