The Digital Age: 7 LinkedIn Facts You Should Know

With what the world is currently facing, finding jobs has become more difficult. Covid-19 pandemic has affected countless people around the globe. During this time, job-seeking becomes a bit impossible. With the help of a particular website or app, finding a job has become more convenient than before. 

Job hunting or forming professional networks in this digital age has become convenient because of the opportunities you can find online. Through LinkedIn, people have found ways to connect with everyone and everywhere in a professional manner. Whether you’re a veteran or new to this kind of setting, these LinkedIn facts will help you understand the corporate world. 

How LinkedIn Started

In 2003, only five people started LinkedIn. Before it has become a popular website or tool for the professionals, it had a long way to go. The people behind the success of LinkedIn are Konstantin Guericke (Marketing Professional), Jean-Luc Valliant (Engineer), Eric Ly (Engineer), Reid Hoffman (Venture Capitalist), and Allen Blue, the product designer. 

The venture capitalist, Reid Hoffman, launched the initiative for LinkedIn in 2002. What they did is to employ names from and Paypal as its founding team. This is one of the many LinkedIn facts you can find on the internet today. 

The Profiles have Similar Structures to a Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or commonly called as résumé, has almost the same structures with LinkedIn profiles. Users create their account profiles like they’re making a résumé. These profiles consist of information such as employment history, educational attainment, and particular skills. 

The Connection Starts with Invitations

If you wanted to be connected with the other users, you might have to start inviting them. It’s pretty convenient having connections today compared to before. Users can accept a connection from another user, which makes it more versatile for both parties. Aside from looking for a connection, LinkedIn also allows its users the option to advance their careers through recommendations and searching jobs. 

LinkedIn Started Earning in 2007

Just like any other businesses, LinkedIn didn’t start strong. The platform only had over fifteen million members before. But in the year 2007, everything changed as they slowly earned the trust of the people. In 2011, they started garnering over a hundred million members. In addition to that, they also raised an initial public offering of $353 million.

The Connection Between LinkedIn and Microsoft

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion in 2016. The said technology giant had helped LinkedIn in many ways. The following year after Microsoft bought them, they garnered over 500 million members hailing from two hundred countries worldwide. 

The LinkedIn Logo has a Web 2.0 Impression with a Mix Up-to-Date Look

With the words “Linked and “In,” the logo’s font has no or barely noticeable space between letters. “Linked” was colored in black, while “In” was colored in white. It was also placed in a square shape box with blue color and rounded angles. 

LinkedIn Has its Slow Growth In 2005

In 2005, LinkedIn started to allow companies to post job listings on their site. They also allow them to search the network for prospective employees. In addition to that, LinkedIn has allowed the said companies to post advertisements as well.


It shows that LinkedIn has helped millions of people for more than a decade of just existing. With the advancement of technology and the rapid growth of the digital age, LinkedIn has a lot more to offer than what it has now. The information listed above is just some of its primary facts and achievements, which could help you understand its platform’s nature.