The Most Important Part of Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is a crucial part of our academic life. For those who do it as a hobby, it’s a piece of cake but for those who do it as a requirement, it is one of the things that give them anxiety. This article aims to lessen your burden in doing this task and give you an idea of how to make your essay better. For learning, you can also check the best education apps.

It is said that considering the structure is the most important part of writing an essay. Whether your message can be delivered effectively or not depends on how cohesive your sentences are. You should have a look at Essayontime and write your essay with a logical progression from the first point to the last so as not to confuse your readers. In order to do this, it is necessary to know and understand your essay structure.

Structure Of An Essay

Essays have 3 basic parts. Each of these parts has a specific function that you need to understand to write an essay successfully. Especially, it is recommended to use character counter with spaces to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.


Your introduction aims to attract your readers’ attention and convince them to finish reading it. This part will give your reader background information about the topic. This is also where you write your thesis statement. What you write here should make readers believe that they are going to read something great. Thus, your sentences should be catchy and your point must be described clearly.

Body Paragraphs

Essay writing can be done in different ways. Though traditionally, we follow the five-paragraph essay style. No matter what style you choose as long as you know about case study writer. The body paragraph is where you write the details. Each of the body paragraphs should contain one point that supports the idea you presented in your introduction. Remember, this part must prove your thesis statements, so make sure that what you write backs up your idea, not oppose it.


The last part of your essay is the conclusion. Here, you write the summary of your essay together with the arguments and points. It is a restatement of your main ideas and thesis statements. This part is also where you emphasize the takeaways of your essays. It should include the concluding remarks which could be a suggestion, a recommendation or a wake-up call. This will make your reader keep on thinking about your essay. 

Important Elements Of An Essay

Alongside the structure, it is also essential for you to think about the important elements of essay.


The way you write your essay should depend on your audience, purpose, and situation. It is your way to communicate with them, so it should be something that they can clearly understand. Bear in mind your main purpose, which is to persuade them that your essay deserves attention, so it should be straightforward yet respectful.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is what you are going to prove in your essay. Mostly, it is something debatable. It is the main proposition of your essay. To entice your reader, make sure that your statement isn’t something that is obviously true or false.


A good essay structure may determine how effective your essay is. Needless to say, it should be organized.


The evidence will help you convince your readers that your arguments are true. And the way you prepare and present your evidence will determine its quality. Quotations are some of the best examples of evidence.


Each essay has a motive, and the motive should be delivered to the readers effectively in order to fully understand what your essay is and what it is for.

Learning how to write an essay effectively can be both challenging and rewarding. If you have time, you can always explore the information which is available everywhere. Otherwise, you can rely on useful writing apps like to give you more ideas and tips in writing the best essays.