The role of Haitian Creole in language education

Haitian Creole is a major language in West Africa and is spoken in Jamaica and other adjacent countries. It has huge significance in language education as it connects people to their culture and their past. Here is everything you need to know about the language and why you should be interested in learning it. 

The history

The first benefit that you will get from learning this language is that it had great historical significance. The language first came into being in the late seventeenth century due to the malpractice of the slave trade. The slaves from central Africa could not communicate with their traders, who were mostly Brits. 

You can learn a lot about that entire period when you start learning more about this language. There are parts of it that have no connection to the English language, while parts match our Standard English. Haitians take huge pride in this language and learning about it will help you understand more about their culture. You can Learn Creole Online now via by registering and booking an online Haitian Creole course. 

The reach

A very big reason you should dive deeper into this language is that there are people worldwide who speak this language. Even if the alphabets are identical to the English language, the dialect is entirely different. Therefore, you need to know more about this language to communicate with people who speak this language exclusively. 

Communities that speak this language are present in cities like New York, Manchester, London, and Toronto. In addition, some people are fluent in this language from D.C. to Nicaragua, and if you wish to get around that part of the world easily and know more about it, you must give it a shot.

The Music

Although many people might deny it, the famous musical Genre Reggae, among others, is written in this language. It has been used to write music for over a century now, and famous artists like Bob Marley have used it to spread their music worldwide. It is the most common language used to write music in West Africa and is still used intensively. 

It is even used in dancehalls music, one of the most popular Haitian music styles since the nineties. It is modern Haitian Folk music with famous hits like Hold you and Budy Bye, with modern artists like Sean Paul still using it. 

The Literature

Despite Creole being only a verbal language initially, alphabets from the English language were used to write it down. As a result, it gradually gained popularity in many African countries’ literary language over time. 

There have been many great literary works in this language, like All Jamaica’s library and the Songs of Jamaica. Many modern poets, in addition, taking to this language as a medium to vocalize their thoughts. 

The Films

Even if we fail to notice, we have been exposed to creole language in modern films. The movies that take us back to that period and regular box office hits use this language from time to time to attract that audience and add authenticity to the craft. 

We have heard this language in classics like Pirates of the Caribbean, and more recently, a famous television series Luke Cage was produced by the entertainment giant Marvel. However, it received some amount of backlash for not being good enough. 

It has been the main language for the Haitian movie industry, with classics like The Harder They Come and Rockers, which are considered the best movies of that period. Not to mention that the character played by Brad Pitt in Meet Joe black has a brief encounter with the language. As per 1804Times, now you can also Learn Creole Online without any hesitation. 

The Bible

It was only recently that The Bible was translated into this language which proves how significant Creole is in today’s world. This version of the Bible is being sold worldwide, including the UK, and is supposed to bring a great reputation to the language not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world. 

Learning this language is going to expose you to a new part of the world altogether. It will tell you everything you need to know about the pain and suffering that the people of Africa had to go through to reach where they are no, as a community. So, learning this language is going to be very beneficial for any human being.