The Solution to these problems you face in PS4

In the two new versions of the original console in the year 2016, Sony resolved some of the issues with its hardware that affected the PS4. Sony also took steps to improve gamers’ experience with various firmware upgrades.

Yet this gaming console does not stay free of occasional glitches. Many PS4 owners will admit that their PS4 has stopped working at the point at which it stopped working.

In all of the reported PS4 problems, PlayStation Network (PSN) problems are the most commonly encountered. Even though the software upgrades have brought in a variety of new features and options, they’ve also created new issues that weren’t there before the solutions. Many issues occurred when using Sony PS4 software.

The most common problem maybe you face is CE-34788-0 error. The CE-34788-0 error code on PS4 is a fairly common problem for owners of this console from Sony, what this error is and how to get rid of it. Immediately you need to say that the question itself is minor and is solved very quietly, so you do not have to spend a considerable amount of time on it. Simply just visit our blog post article Solved: CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code for this solution.

Here are a few of the most frequently encountered PS4 issues and the best way to resolve these issues.

1. Blinking Blue Light

When you boot your PS4 the that is on the back of the console will blink blue, then change to white.

If your console is having an issue that causes the blue light to continue to flash without changing color. It is typically followed by your PS4 mysteriously shutting down. This could be a sign of a damaged video output, which means that the console cannot send an image to your TV.

After many reports, Sony issued a PlayStation troubleshooting manual to assist with this issue. They also gave the option of having it replaced if none of the suggestions worked.

However, before going through the hassle of finding an alternative, consider these techniques:

Check Your Console’s Hard Drive

Switch off your console, and disconnect all cables. Then, remove the cover for the hard drive and make sure that the drive is securely in its place.

Check Your HDMI Cable to Ensure its Working

Try switching your HDMI to determine if this helps. Also, look at your HDMI ports on your TV as well as your PS4.

Run a Firmware Update on Your TV

This can fix any compatibility issues with your hardware and also reset the TV’s HDMI configurations, as they may impact the signal from your console.

Check the Supply Connections of power for Any Faults

Make sure you check your electricity power outlets, sockets, and also the power source that powers your main appliance to make sure that everything is working properly.

Perform a Controller Reset

Properly connect everything. After that, take your controller and hold the PS4 button until the LED light turns orange.

After that, press the same button to see bright white system light. Try restarting your PS4 to see whether the issue is resolved.

2. Sometimes PS4 Crashes or Often Freezes

If you’re suffering from this same issue, that’s not mean you’re playing with a damaged PlayStation 4. The issue is likely due to defective firmware, network issues, or an overheated.

It is possible to solve this issue with a simple PS4 an opportunity to rest so that it has time to cool.

Beware of hard resetting your console as this could cause it to crash. If cooling down does not work, visit the support page of the manufacturer for an update to fix bugs.

3. Blinking Red Indicator Light

This issue is manifested similarly to the blinking blue indicator light however the reasons for this may differ. In this instance, it is likely due to overheating, which is caused by an inefficient fan.

Here’s how you can repair PS4 consoles that have this issue:

Turn off the PS4 for approximately an hour to allow it to chill.

Make sure to keep your PS4 in a room that is well ventilated and away from other heating electronic devices.

If none of these suggestions work, then you can schedule a repair to your console to fix the fan.

4. PS4 Auto Starting Ejects Discs or Stop Eject at All

The most likely cause of the issue is a failing optical drive.

To remedy the issue to fix it, you can utilize a stand to position the console horizontally. This will stop the console from randomly ejecting discs of games.

Alternately, you can manually remove the disc if your PS4 is unable to properly remove it. Make sure you check the support page of the manufacturer to get instructions regarding this.

My PS4 has stopped working, and none of these hacks works Now What?

If your PS4 was not working properly and no hacks can solve the issue, it could be time to get an expert to examine it.


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