The Witcher: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Geralt

With another Witcher series coming to Netflix, what better opportunity to perhaps lookout for any way to improve on your Geralt information? This is what you probably won’t be aware of him. Geralt has become something of a legend in the realm of The Witcher series. Seen as both a friend in need and danger to humanity he has gained notoriety for being a powerful and severe beast tracker.

In any case, there are a ton of things about this silver-haired legend that fans probably won’t know. Since his personality depends on a book series there are a few things that have transformed from the books, just happen in the games, or there’s an intriguing history that perusers know about, however, the gamers aren’t. If you are a fan of playing games on PS4 then you defiantly need to visit the 9 Best Fantasy Games For PlayStation 4 this will help you to find the best game for the PS4.

1. He’s Not from Riviera

In both the books and the games Geralt habitually alludes to himself or is alluded to by others as “Geralt of Rivia” however it just so happens, he’s not a local of Rivia. In the book The Witcher: Baptism Of Fire he clarifies that he picked the origin of Rivia to assist him with acquiring certainty with expected clients.

Being a local of where the Queen dwells provides clients with a feeling of solace that wouldn’t come from knowing he’s really from the sticks of Kaedwen. To sell this deception, Geralt fostered a Rivia complement and changed his name to Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde.

2. His Mother Is a Sorceress

His mom Vienna is never present in the games and is just dubiously referenced in passing. From the books, we discover that she is a strong sorceress and a druid. This is prominent because people who foster supernatural powers commonly lose their ripeness and it’s affirmed, she was an enchanted client when she brought forth Geralt.

Some of the time Sorceresses and Druids can observe an escape clause by utilizing their wizardry to neutralize the fruitlessness which is probably what she did. His dad was a beast tracker that helped her kill a Koshchey.

3. Geralt Is Unique Amongst Witchers

The Trial of the Grasses is a custom that is intended to strip away an individual’s shortcomings and supplant them with qualities through the utilization of profoundly harmful catalytic substances. Many bite the dust during the cycle and not many that endure fostering more prominent strength, speed, and a proclivity for specific abilities.

Geralt is an exceptional situation where, for reasons unknown, he came out more grounded and quicker than some other Witcher. It very well may be because his mom was a sorceress and his dad a strong beast tracker or it could likewise be that he was exposed to different analyses that brought about his hair becoming white.

4. He’s Pushing 100

Geralt is truly old for somebody going around hunting and killing strong beasts. However, his definite age is never given he has referenced in passing that he’s in his late 90s. Witchers are referred to have extended life expectancies because of the Trial of Grasses which doesn’t make this all that astonishing.

Yet, is astounding that he’s figured out how to experience that long. Being a Witcher is a risky profession that includes looking down on perilous animals and drawing the fury of different strong people. It’s almost certain no Witcher has ever passed on from advanced age and it’s difficult to realize how long they live, yet given Geralt’s expertise, any reasonable person would agree he might just be the most established Witcher to at any point live.

5. Butcher of Blaviken

The existence of a Witcher is a hard one and frequently draws the anger and doubt of those they save, after everything how might one man be equipped for killing the beast that killed a large portion of the town? This suspicion regularly develops when Witchers resort to dubious strategies to take care of business.

Geralt experienced this issue when he killed a group of professional killers without any attempt at being subtle. The group expected to lay attack to a mage’s pinnacle which would have brought about many individuals losing their lives, so Geralt killed them ahead of schedule to forestall this. However, for the townsfolk, it appeared as though he went distraught and butchered a gathering of honest individuals in a commercial center, in this manner acquiring him the title Butcher of Blaviken.


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