These are the features that every stroller should have

Baby strollers, just like any other baby product, come in tons of variety. Whatever your requirements are, there is a stroller out there with those exact specifications. But this sheer variety also has a downside. Stroller companies are so focused on features that make them unique that they often forget about the fundamentals that make a baby stroller a worthwhile purchase. Luckily, there are options out there that include all of these essential features, and here’s what you need to look for:

Comfortable seating:

Whether it’s a single-seater or the Wonderfold stroller wagon, the seating needs to be comfortable. This comfort comes from both the shape of the seat as well as the quality of padding. Moreover, the seatbelts also need to be comfortable for the child over long periods of time.

Adjustable handlebar:

Without a working handlebar, a stroller is just a fancy seat for the baby. So, the handlebar needs to be adjustable. This will allow you to configure it according to your height which will, in turn, make strolling much more comfortable. It will also give you better control over the stroller so that your baby is entirely safe.

Foldable canopy:

A canopy is very situational. You don’t need it most of the time, but when you do, you really need it to be there. That’s why the stroller should include a canopy that is there when needed and easily folds away when the need for it is over. The flexible nature would also allow you to partially open the canopy when the child doesn’t need to be fully covered.


The portability of a stroller is directly proportional to the effectiveness of its folding mechanism. Ideally, the stroller should have a folding system that always works, with no exceptions. Additionally, you want the folding system to be operational with one hand since you’ll most likely have an active baby in the other.

Easy-access storage:

There are a lot of things that go alongside your baby. Things like extra diapers need someplace to go, and that space is usually built into the stroller. The issue is, most strollers don’t put much effort into the accessibility of this storage space which makes it practically useless. So, look for a stroller with a secure yet easily accessible storage net.

Suitable wheels:

Most strollers today come with small plastic wheels with a rubber edge. This works fine for paved roads and sidewalks, but anything bumpier will make strolling super tricky. While the regular wheels will work fine for most city folk, having larger wheels with more rubber is most definitely a better experience.

Shock absorbers:

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, as the bumpy ground can seriously distract or even hurt the child. Having sound shock absorbers on the stroller not only makes the riding experience better but also makes pushing it way easier.


The above-mentioned things are the fundamentals that separate an excellent stroller from the average ones. Make sure that you find a stroller that fills all of these criteria.