Thinking About Using a Creative Staffing Agency? What You Need to Know

Creative staffing agencies are very specialized in placing creative professionals on the temporary, projects. These agencies also have permanent assignments that have been growing in popularity along with both employers or creative professionals. It is essential to keep in mind that the top eight US creative staffing agencies came in at just under a billion dollars of total revenue in just last year. Along with this, 78 percent of staffing specialists in all categories also expect the trend in order to continue. Employees can also benefit from connecting with a creative staffing agency by having clearer sightlines into open positions as well as leads on projects that cannot be posted to the general public. Employers are allowed to get benefit by connecting to an agency’s extensive database of pre-screened as well as qualified candidates for creative positions. Keep in consideration that the candidates of creative staffing agencies allow some of these requirements:

Compile A Resume and Portfolio

While a resume is given to potential employer information on job skills and experience, it shows your own interpretation as well as evaluation of the skills. In order to determine a candidate’s fit for a creative position, it is essential that the recruiter or hiring manager evaluate a sample of actual work that has been produced.

However, assemble a portfolio that comprises your best work by noting why you feel it is your best work. If it won an award or special recognition or if it was reblogged or started an interesting conversation, it is essential for you to make sure that information is included with the portfolio.

Prepare for An Interview

While many positions are completed remotely, should the work meet the agency needs, the recruiter will still expect in order to conduct a pre-screening interview. A pre-screen is for verifying the information that has been included on the resume and to check any requirements as far as a background check.

However, the primary purpose of a pre-screen interview is in order to gain a feel for the candidate’s personality that can be as essential to a positive working relationship for skills and experience.

Prepare A Range of Acceptable Compensation

There is a great need to know about the value of your work. Always complete your research on regular compensation for the type of job, you are looking for such as look online, speak with peers as well as use past experience in order to create a range of compensation that you can accept for a certain type of job. Some creative jobs also pay a flat fee for completed work.

 Leverage Your Network

The people that you meet, in a staffing agency, can be a valuable resource in finding future work. Some of the people such as recruiters can connect you directly with new jobs. However, co-workers, even short-term, are important in providing referrals references in the future.

Understand the Details

In considering a new assignment either it’s short- or long-term, it is essential to understand the details as well as to be specific with the recruiter on preferences. It doesn’t do you or the recruiter any good in order to say you are open to a short-term contract when you are really looking for a permanent position.

However, current economic conditions that include the rise of the economy and the talent-constrained job market, all have created a great as well as the growing market for creative staffing agencies. Creative professionals can also benefit from a connection with a creative staffing agency such as Sparks Group in order to find the contract, project, and permanent job that is a great fit for both candidate and employer.

There is a great need to know that most of the temp jobs are 40 hours a week while they last, as well as when your assignment is over, you can also take some time off if you had like. Just be sure in order to maintain enough of a presence in the job pool for keeping the temp agency interested in working with you. Moreover, if you keep disappearing from sight, they may decide that you are just too flaky. However, creating staffing agencies allow all the candidates to get a lot of benefits from every aspect.