Tips for Giving Your Child Their First Smartphone for the Holidays

Most of the children above ten years now have smartphones. You would not like your children to be the odd ones out whenever they are among their friends. This is especially during holidays where children need things which will make them happy and popular. Despite this, you need to make sure that the smartphone you give to your child will be used for the intended purposes. This is because some of the features can be harmful to the child if they are not used in the right ways. Here are tips for giving your child their first smartphone for the holiday.

Install a Parental Control App

To keenly monitor how your child is using the smartphone, it is advisable to install a reliable parental control app such as Family Orbit. Such an app will let you know who your child is talking with at all times. You will also be able to know who the child is texting. Furthermore, you can monitor and control the websites that your child is visiting. You can lock the child out of some websites which do not have helpful information. You can also shut the phone down if you notice that it is being misused by the child. In case you want to know where the child is, you can use the tracker option to always know where your child is during the holidays. 

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Teach the Child How To Use the Phone Properly

Your child most likely knows how to use a smartphone from using your phone. But there are some specific details which you need to teach the child. It takes just a short time to teach the child the specific details that he or she might not know. But this is helpful because it ensures the kid will not damage the phone from using it in the wrong ways. Things like overcharging might be harmful both to the child and the phone. So, it is helpful to take time and ensure the kid knows how to use the smartphone in the right manner.

Get a Smartphone That Is Not Very Sophisticated

Some of the modern smartphones have very sophisticated features which might be hard to use for a child. Some of the phones are meant for professional use and as a result, they are not suitable for children. There are smartphones that are designed in a simple manner where they can be used by almost anyone even by children. To get the right smartphone for your child you can make inquiries from the sellers or manufacturers. You can also do independent research to establish the ideal smartphone to buy for your child.


To make your child’s holiday more enjoyable, you can go ahead and get a smartphone for him or her. If you follow the outlined guidelines, you will be able to get the first smartphone for your kid in the right manner. You will be able to control and monitor the use of the smartphone at all times. You will also be able to get a smartphone that will perfectly suit the needs of the child.