Top 5 Best VR Meditation Apps of 2020

Advances in Virtual Reality witnessed in the past few years have transformed industrial operation, entertainment, real estate development, and many more. Currently, VR is revolutionizing meditation. In the true digital age of 2020, VR development software is increasingly being adopted to enhance the effectiveness of the meditation process. As more health benefits of meditation are surfaced by the numerous studies,  there has never been a better time to adopt VR for meditation as good as in 2020. 

Why  to Use VR for Meditation?

Even though the time gap between meditation and Virtual Reality is centuries-wide, they are both based on the principle of teleporting one’s mind to the realms in the outer world. By putting the world aside, meditators can truly free themselves from the norms and frustrations of living in a highly materialized and commercialized world. The highest level of mindfulness, understanding, and appreciation of all the positives in life can be attained with the newfound freedom offered by VR meditation apps. With inner-peace and tranquility comes a wide range of health benefits. From reduced anxiety, stress, and depression to increased awareness, sensitivity, and consciousness, all of which reduce the risk of developing health issues, such as obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and many more. Currently, there is a wide variety of VR-based applications intended solely for meditation, but, as always, only a few are way ahead of the pack in terms of quality, capacity, rendering, and so on. 

What are the 5 Best VR Meditation Apps of 2020?

  1.     Guided Meditation (Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus-Rift, and Oculus-Go)

Guided Meditation VR was one of the first meditation apps to be rolled out to the market in 2014 and took-off right from the start. The popularity of this app is attributed to several positives, including its simplicity. The Gear is not only simple but also intuitive. Users plug their phones into the headset and use a handheld controller to navigate through the pop-up menu and download the app. Once the app runs, users are provided with a wide range of meditation options for selection. From the serenity of the Alps to endless dunes of the Gobi Desert, to Japanese meadows, to a Nordic spa lodge, to an ancient Egyptian temple, all these meditation options are offered in 360-degree environments. With the wide variety of options in its gallery, it is highly unlikely that a meditator will not find one serene environment that captures their mind and teleports them away from their tumultuous mental state to a peaceful and mindful state. Apart from the environments, users can select different meditation themes, music, duration, and strands from 10 levels, including Hawaiian mantras and Zen thinking. The effectiveness of the gear is enhanced by calmly voiced instructions from the background, immersing the meditator deeper into mindfulness and self-awareness. The fact that Guided Meditation VR already has 100,000 users globally is a statement of its leadership in the field.

  1.     ReMind (Developer: Vive Studios Available: HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Oculus Rift)

When it comes to simplicity, ReMind VR takes the crown. It is anchored on the principle of taking you back to the basics consistently for you to let go of the stresses and hustles of 2020. With three simple but symbolic immersive experiences, the app teleports you to uncomplicated pleasures in life to enhance focus on your mindfulness training. Starting from the top of a skyscraper overlooking the hustle and bustle of an urban landscape, your task is to grab and toss paper planes representing mental loads and stray thoughts that are impending you from attaining inner-peace. The second experience is skipping stones set in a still mountain spring, watching the water return to a state of restfulness as the ripples disappear. Thirdly, watch the sun slowly rise and emerge to the realities of life. With these three simple steps, you can remind and train your brain to get rid of the ripples in life and get back to a restful, peaceful, and mindful state of mind over time. 

  1.     Liminal (Developer: Liminal VR, Available: Gear VR and Oculus Go)

Digital overload is one of the drivers of the ever-increasing craving for mental peace in 2020. For most, the overload typically comes crashing in the workplace catalyzed by looming deadlines coupled with obsessive bosses. This is where Liminal comes in handy. It offers the categories of experiences based on the objective of meditation: calming oneself, positivity, and energizing. Even though seeking inner-peace and mindfulness from digital overload using Liminal is in itself an oxymoron, its approach, and the experiences offered by 360 ° interactive videos are highly-effective in managing emotions in stressful environments. The immersive experiences rely on colors, shapes, sound, interactivity, and 3D space to replace the undesired with the desired emotions through accelerated, tried-and-tested meditations techniques. Strolling over the clouds in the middle of a stressful workday while a piece of relaxing and soothing music is played in the background can surely turn any bad mood around.

  1.     Flow-VR Meditation App (Developer: Breach VR, Available: Gear VR and Oculus Go)

Developed by a team with over one hundred years of meditation experience combined, FlowVR’s seamless incorporation of video and audio effects will enhance your meditation. When it comes to meditation, a seamless, uninterrupted flow from the hectic world of 2020 to a peaceful mental state is very important. This meditation VR offers an unparalleled experience with high-quality and stunning 4K 360° videos of Icelandic nature running along with soothing curated music by renowned artists like Sigur Rós. It comes with an array of meditation tools in six modes: Breath, Focus, Move, Let Go, Calm, and Restore. FlowVR also offers quality guided meditation executed impeccably by a calming and genuine human voice. The programs are effectively engaging, allowing for a meaningful meditation. 

  1.     Relax VR

With a clinical psychologist and a yoga and meditation teacher as the founders of Relax VR, this app is effective in promoting the highest level of relaxation. Relax VR’s app relies on iOS and Android operating systems to recreate scenic and soothing landscapes for maximum relaxation. From Australia’s Great Ocean Road in Australia to Portugal’s sandy beaches, all the experiences are viewable in 3600. Relax VR with its serene and calming music will gradually soothe you into a restful and relaxed state and unwind for the day.