Top 5 Free Online Audio Converters 2021

What do we mean when we’re talking about an audio converter that is easy to use and provides us with efficient results?

Let’s omit those who don’t accept any tools but expensive all-in-one software from high-branded developers, such as Adobe Audition, Filmora, or Apple Logic Pro X. To target the audience of the converters we are going to review here, it makes sense to limit the range of tasks we are supposed to solve with such instruments.

Let’s determine our purposes

Most likely, we mean quick processing of audio for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and so on. Plus – decreasing the size and resolution of a couple of albums, in case we want to upload them onto our mobile devices to listen as a background on our morning jog or, probably, in a long line. What else? Editing of video’s soundtracks and extraction of music from clips we’ve found online. And, if we don’t want to be bound to certain hardware, we are looking for an online tool accessible from any device we have under our hands right now.

Oh! I almost forgot! It would be great if this converter could turn pairs like FLAC/APE + CUE into a folder with separate tracks and be able to do the same with WV containers. Add here extracting tracks from ISO images and – if you are lucky enough to find such a versatile instrument – consider that you will no longer need any other solutions for working with sound.

Just for perfectionists: support for cloud services and an extension for popular browsers.

The wish list looks complete.

It’s time to define which functions are unconditionally necessary, which are highly desirable, and which are redundant.


  • An option of free conversion;
  • Support for a large number of popular and exotic audio formats;
  • Wide range of convertible bitrates (320 kbps, 256 kbps, 224 kbps, 192 kbps, 160 kbps, 128 kbps, 96 kbps, 64 kbps);
  • Conversion from lossless to lossy formats;
  • Accurate cutting of audio files using time marks;
  • Extraction/applying of soundtracks from/into video files;
  • Extraction of soundtracks directly from links to multimedia files.


  • Splitting of solid FLAC and APE audio files to separate tracks;
  • Extraction of separate tracks from ISO images;
  • The same – for WV containers;
  • Editing of tags;
  • Support of cloud services;
  • Extension for popular browsers;
  • Batch conversion.


  • Extraction of tracks from DVD-Audio.

So, having this checklist, let’s look at the Top 5 free online audio converters, compare their features ad choose the one that fits you the best

  1. Convertio – a lending site with an impressive set of different tools for conversion, including the powerful online audio converter. Free conversion is limited by 100 MB, but you can convert two files at once. Convertio supports UTF-8 in file names, so diacritic symbols don’t cause any problems. The list of supported formats is virtually endless, but some popular ones (first of all, APE) are only readable, you can’t convert your audio into it. Quite a strange limitation, taking into consideration that Monkey audio is a totally free format.

Conversion by URL is announced but done in a more than quirky way: you add a link to a clip on YouTube, and Convertio offers to convert it into a dozen… graphic formats. A kind of perverted solution for an audio converter!

Monthly pricing could look pretty high: $9.99 – $25.99 per month, depending on the total volume of converted files and the number of simultaneous conversions. But the annual plan offers a reasonable discount: $5.99 – $15.99 per month.

All converters from Convertio support Dropbox and Google Drive and work right from a browser.

  1. Online Audio Converter. Pay attention: this lending site contains versatile instruments for video and audio files. It works with 26 lossless and lossy formats and all existed bitrates. The nice feature of this online audio converter, unseen on other sites, is pages with a short but clear and accurate description of each format: technical specifications, soft- and hardware, etc.

All data is unified and sorted by such positions:

  • Full Name
  • Format Type
  • Developed by
  • Description
  • File Extension
  • Technical Details
  • Associated Programs

This site allows a user to cut their audio file exactly according to his time marks, has a Chrome extension, and supports cloud services: Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can proceed with files up to 100 MB for free (for audio, it looks more than enough) – for bigger volumes, the service offers an affordable and flexible tariff plan and a desktop application.

This online service guarantees the full security and confidence for all the data you convert there.

  1. Any Conv Audio Converter supports a long list of files compatible with the two converters above. Unlike them, it processes APE files. The site has an interface in 20 languages, including Russian and Hebrew.

It is written that the service is 100% free, but the file size is limited by traditional 100 MB.

  1. Zamzar. The range of formats looks not too impressive but includes the most popular formats, MIDI, AMR, AIFF, CAFF, and some more. Nevertheless, besides just conversion with unknown parameters (there are no options neither for lossless formats nor for lossy ones), you can’t do with your files anything more.

Zamzar’s developers decided that their lousy conversion grace is sufficient for users. It seems that they wanted to provide the reviewers of such online services with the purest negative paragon. Well, at least in this position, Zamzar reached the goal.

  1. Audio Converter Online. The range of formats is as narrow as a needle’s eye: MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, ringtone for iPhone, MP2, and AMR. The service deserved a place in our rating for its tools for extra processing audio files. There is worth listing them:
  • Trim;
  • Change volume;
  • Change speed;
  • Change pitch;
  • Equalizer;
  • Reverse audio;
  • Voice recorder;
  • Audio joiner;
  • Audio cutter.


As usual, it’s impossible to find just one service answering all requirements. The first three are almost equally good when you need just to convert a file. So, the main choice for a user is supposed to stay in preferring a certain interface, the sufficiency of free options for their tasks, and affordability of pricing.

Outsiders of the rating are placed here in order to make the comparison easier: the obvious lack of the most necessary options and tools just brighter elucidates the advantages of the leaders. It makes sense to pay attention to the extra abilities of additional operations with your multimedia files.

The services, set 1-3 positions, manage this task very well. So, the last piece of advice here is just to compare them on some real tasks and to feel which one is the most comfortable right for you.