Top 5 Gaming Consoles of All Time

Unlike mobile phones, the gaming industry does not release new offerings each year on a quarterly basis. In fact, many video game fans have to wait 3- 5 years to be treated to a new console. In this sense, the industry is founded upon console generations from many established industry names like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. 


It comes as no surprise that the rather limited offerings has developed a cult following amongst a multitude of gaming enthusiasts, with many new gamers turning to download console ROMs just to try out these classics. Here are the top consoles (in no particular order) that have managed to retain interest throughout the years. 


Playstation 2


Considered as one of the bestselling consoles of all time, this beloved system from the folks at Sony has managed to outsell every console ever made. Released in 2000, the PS2 is home to countless games imaginable. Whatever game you can think of, the Playstation 2 has it. There are RPGs, racing games, spy missions like Golden Eye, open worlds like the much loved Kingdom Hearts, and so much more. Aside from Halo and some Xbox exclusives, the Playstation has everything the gaming world has to offer. With its amazing graphics and an array of improvements, including the much anticipated DualShocks, the Playstation 2 has much to offer its console owners. 


Nintendo 64 


Introduced to the gaming audience in the mid 90s, the Nintendo 64 or the N64 as it is more fondly known as one of the consoles that defined the childhood of many who grew up in both the eighties and the nineties. Although it was the first Playstation that introduced the 3D gaming experience, it was the N64 that managed to deliver a user experience that 3D games were unable to relay to players at that time. Not without its faults, the N64 console continues to hold a place amongst the best consoles ever made.


Sega Genesis


The late eighties were dominated heavily by the Nintendo. In an effort however to veer away from the kiddie crowd and to attract a cooler and hopper crowd, the Sega Genesis was introduced in the tail end of the 80s. It may appear as a rather arbitrary decision but at the time it did kickstart the interest of many “older” players. Titles like Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mortal Kombat are just some of the many games that helped broaden the industry canvas. Unless you are a collector of consoles, this rather outdated system is not easy to come by, as an alternative gaming fans can always opt to download console ROMs to play their favorite Sega titles.


Nintendo Wii


You either love or hate the Nintendo Wii. A product of Nintendo’s efforts to offer a new gaming platform, the Wii is a system that puts a decided emphasis on a high definition – surround sound user interface. Aside from a more interactive game play, the controls had fewer buttons and had resembled your typical remote control. This innovative controller not only allowed for ease of handling, it also offered a diverse range of motions that could be accomplished just by pointing the device. This tech came with the hope that a new gaming market would be formed and a newer breed of gamers would emerge and play these unique offerings. The Wii may not be any more advanced than the GameCube, its controller however has managed to sway many casual gamers into trying out the system for themselves. Some of the console’s more popular offerings includes: Super Mario Brothers, Wii Sports, and The Legend of Zelda to name a few examples.


Xbox 360


The very first high definition console for game that was ever introduced to the market was the Xbox 360. This milestone in gaming history hardware shows the shift to graphics that are clean and crisp and includes effects in both shading and physics. Though the features were already a staple in the PC gaming arena, they were never introduced into the console market until the Xbox 360 came out. More importantly, the Xbox 360 was the first ever console to hit the shelves with a controller system that was wireless. To clarify, wireless solutions did exist in other gaming systems, they however only managed to perform with the addition of external dongle receivers or attachments. This minor difference made the 360’s life expectancy and consumes appeal more lasting compared to the average consoles. Titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Skyrim, and Minecraft are the console’s main headliners that remain widely played to this day either on the original console or as download console ROMs.