Top 7 Internet Speed Test Apps

Almost 4.39 billion people use the internet around the globe. This is more than half the world’s population and so it makes only sense that the load on the internet is immense causing it to lag sometimes. Although, one should strive for the best always and the first step towards a great internet connection is having a reliable internet service provider on board. Our research team has found out that the most consistent and seamless internet connection is being provided by Spectrum and SuddenLink internet. You should probably make up your mind to get connected with them. However, if are willing to give your current internet provider a chance, you should at least be aware of the speeds you are getting. Many times, internet providers do not supply the bandwidth that you have come to terms with or even the bandwidths they advertise; so when you feel your internet speed to be lacking, the best thing to do is test it, for clarity. It can also be possible that you are putting a lot of load on the internet and that you just need an upgraded package but better safe than sorry, right?

This article focuses on providing you the information about the top internet speed test applications that you can use to be sure of the internet speeds you get. 

At a Glance

  • Ookla Speedtest

  • V-Speed Speed Test

  • SpeedSmart

  • Meteor Speed Test

  • Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

  • FAST

  • Bandwidth Place

  1. Ookla speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is the finest way to confirm your internet speed and diagnose its network stability. More than 10 million people use this website and its app everyday which makes Ookla Speedtest the best, most trusted, and popular app when it comes to internet speed tests.

This site and app only take a few seconds to correctly estimate your upload and download speeds in Mbps and can also confirm the server and provider you are connected with. The easy thing for you to do is to create an account on the site which will let you track the speed tests in your area for comparison. 

Ookla Speedtest can be used free of charge and is compatible with web, Android, iOS, macOS, Google Chrome, Windows, and Apple TV.


  1. V-Speed Speed Test

V-Speed is best suited if you want to have access to a site that offers customizable speed tests suiting your requirements. V-SPEED can very well measure your internet bandwidth and test the statistics database. It can also perform advanced VoIP and other tests too.

With this speed test, you would be aware of the download and upload speed being supplied to you in just a few seconds. It can correctly display latency and ping experienced by your connection as well. Moreover, its test parameters can automatically change depending on the connection type i.e. 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi.

V-Speed Speed Test can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.


  1. SpeedSmart

SpeedSmart is an excellent speed testing app, for starters, it is the brainchild of It is massively popular amongst iPhone and Android users, for which the reason is its high accuracy of results. It uses HTML5 in place of Java or Flash which makes its functioning a lot better and smoother. 

SpeedSmart has a promising feature of saving your test results for future reference as well. It is fairly easy to use with its user-friendly interface. 

SpeedSmart can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.


  1. Meteor Speed Test

As the name suggests, this speed test is indeed out of this world. Like all other speed test apps and sites, it allows you to test your internet speed in few seconds but it also checks social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. before you post anything ensuring that everything is run smoothly. 

It shows you the download and uploads internet speed you are getting as well as the latency experienced by your network. It further explains the results to you for your clarification. 

Meteor Speed Test can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.

  1. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test 

This application is one of kind. It not only tests your internet speeds but also troubleshoots unresponsive or slow internet to improve your connection. Speedcheck Internet Speed Test, further, gives you a chance to even schedule your speed tests to let you monitor your internet speed frequently.

The best thing about this test is that the site version gives you a detailed guide on how to understand the speed test outcome. 

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.


  1. FAST

So, who loves Netflix here? Well, the FAST internet speed test is created by Netflix in an attempt to make sure that you can stream easily on any device of your choice. This is a rather simple application made to give you accurate results of upload and download internet speeds. FAST speed test also ensures to estimate your latency and ping levels as well as your IP address and present location. What’s more, is that it shows the server location of your internet service provider.

The FAST speed test can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.


  1. Bandwidth Place

With the Bandwidth Place speed test, you can discover the effectiveness of your internet connection anytime, at any place, and from any device. You can run this speed test on any device that has an internet connection and an interface. This speed test gives you a clear-cut insight into the internet speeds you are getting from your internet service provider.

In addition to providing you with the test results, it also guides you to understand those results so you can have a better view of things and can communicate with your internet service provider.

Bandwidth Place can be used free of charge and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS.