Trading on Weekends: Strategies for Success and Lowered Risk

Traders who want a better chance to make a little additional money can do so by taking advantage of the market’s openness on weekends. You can hedge your weekday positions and lower your overall risk exposure by trading on the weekends. Financial markets are open for weekend trading if you have access to them on Saturday and Sunday. Weekend trading is available on cryptocurrency exchanges, some Middle Eastern markets, and the European and American markets through certain brokers. 

What Trading Strategies Succeed on the Weekend?

When it comes to trading styles and tactics, swing trading and position trading are your best bets for weekend trading. Higher transaction costs don’t affect swing and position traders because they hold transactions for longer and aim for larger profits. Weekends are a great time for this type of trader to do research on the market and the fundamentals in preparation for the coming week. Weekend trading fees may be prohibitive for day traders who employ breakout, trend-following, or counter-trend tactics. To be sure, day traders, like their swing and position trading counterparts, can use the weekend to prepare for potential day trading setups that could be triggered on Monday. Due to their high volume of transactions and low profit targets, scalpers are highly sensitive to trading costs.

Common Weekend Trading Assets

If you are thinking, what to trade on weekends? Here are some of the most followed stock market indices that you can access throughout the weekend:

  • DFM Index

This index derives its values from the Dubai Stock Exchange, one of the region’s most important financial markets.

  • Tel Aviv 25 Index

These are the 25 largest companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel.

  • The Tadawul Index

In Saudi Arabia, this stock market is your sole option.

  • Kuwait Stock Exchange

This is Kuwait’s primary stock market, featuring major corporations, financial institutions, insurance providers, busier periods during the week.

Financial Markets with Interactive Brokers 

Each year, Interactive Brokers continues to become better, and this year is no exception. IBKR review considers this broker to be among the best since it combines cutting-edge features like mobile apps and a podcast with tried-and-true ones like a large selection of tradable securities with reasonable margin rates. Mutual fund investors can find an incredible 19,000 funds with no transaction fees at Interactive Brokers, in addition to easier-to-use and accessible pages and apps. Clearly, the broker is trying very hard to win over retail investors as well as the professional traders it has always catered to.

Advantages of Interactive Brokers 

  • Profit margins and commissions are both low

The interest rates for margin purchases are extremely low. As fees decrease with order size, they are ideal for larger traders and can be up to 50% less than the market standard.

  • Designed with multinational businessmen and financiers in mind

IBKR caters to international investors by providing access to 150 marketplaces in 33 countries and 24 different currencies. IBKR is available to users from dozens of countries outside the United States.

  • The unrivalled diversity of available investment options

Stocks, ETFs, options, futures, currency pairings, cryptocurrencies, spot gold in the United States, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, robo-advisors, and managed portfolios are all included.

  • Access to a wide variety of basic and technical analysis tools

Trading platforms such as TheTrader Workstation and Client Portal stand out because to their dynamic charts, single-window access to real-time pricing, technical analysis, and research.

  • Top-Notch Order-Following

With IBKR’s SmartRouting, a trade’s legs can be automatically sent to the most cost-effective market maker.

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