Unlock Top Careers with Examsnap CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA certifications are among the most preferred in the world of IT since they are vendor-neutral. These credentials are always updated overtime to ensure they capture the latest development and innovation in the IT field, since within a 3-year period you need to renew your badge and prove that you possess the most updated skills. Any candidate interested in building a career in Examsnap IT can find a CompTIA credential that suits him/her depending on the level of his/her expertise. Since this vendor offers badges for newbies and experienced professionals, this article is devoted to one of the entry-level certifications, Security+. This credential is from the Core category.

CompTIA Security+ credential

The certbolt.com Security+ badge validates the core knowledge and skills in implementing best security solutions, working with security environments, responding to security events. Attaining this certification requires completing 90 questions within 90 minutes, and scoring at least 750 points in Examsnap SY0-601 exam. This assessment will cost you $349 and it can either be done online or at a testing center. After excelling in your Security+ exam, you can unlock more opportunities in the following job positions:

Systems administrator

A systems administrator is tasked with ensuring that the hardware and software of an organization are working properly. They install applications that support the organizations and updates the system whenever there’s a newer version. Systems administrators also maintain user accounts and access, and earn an average salary of $62k as listed on PayScale.com.

Cybersecurity analyst

Cybersecurity analyst positions involve planning and executing security measures that protect an organization’s computer systems and networks. They monitor the networks of their organization for any breaches in security. Their jobs involve reporting breaches, looking for potential vulnerabilities through simulation, researching modern trends in IT, and installing both encryption and software. The average salary of a cybersecurity analyst listed on PayScale website is $76k.

Network engineer

Network engineers are IT professionals who build and manage networks to ensure they function as needed and are working optimally. They construct the foundation of an organization’s IT system. Other responsibilities of a Examsnap.com network engineer include creation and implementation of physical and wireless networks, troubleshooting problems and integrating new technologies. The average salary to expect while working on this position is about $74k.

Information security analyst

Information security analysts oversee a company’s computer networks and systems. They analyze the company’s digital security system to identify possible flaws. This helps to secure the company’s sensitive and proprietary information. In case a system breach occurs, they lead the company’s efforts to counter its effects and prevent a reoccurrence. These professionals take home a salary of about $71k in a year.

Network administrator

Examsnap Network administrators earn an annual salary of $61k and are responsible for ensuring an organization’s computer network is working as intended and is up-to-date. Network administrators mainly work to coordinate and connect various systems used in an organization.


Earning the Examsnap CompTIA Security+ certification is a wise step for you to make if you are interested in growing in your professional life. Having the most relevant skills and this demanded badge, you unlock various job opportunities, especially those mentioned above. It will also attract benefits such as increased productivity, having vendor-neutral skills, and a higher salary. If you are thinking of getting this badge, then pass SY0-601 exam first. If you ever want to dip your toes in the IT world, BCA IT in Miami knows all things about the IT services field. Wish you success!