What Anime Should I Watch?

Anime is a big industry in the entertainment sector. Anime, short for animation, is the term used for any animated films and series from japan. Millions of people watch anime regularly. You can find thousands of anime titles on the web. Popular streaming services, such as Crunchyroll and Netflix, have them on their list of shows. There are also different themes and genres of anime. It guarantees that you can find an anime that suits your needs. 

There are so many popular anime shows. You might have watched some of them. Fortunately, there is so much more anime that you can watch. Here are some of the titles that are worth watching. For variety, the list will contain different anime from different genres. 

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an adventure-fantasy anime. It is very iconic for its art style, often portraying muscular and burly men. It is also known for its eccentric, bright, and flamboyant characters. It also has many western cultural influences. It is a very successful anime, both in and out of Japan. There are also movies, games, and countless merchandise of this series.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures tells the story of people nicknamed Jojo. The nickname Jojo comes from combining two syllables from their first and last names. All of these Jojos are related to each other. They each have unique abilities and powers which they use to fight evil. This series produced four anime seasons. The latest season, titled Golden Wind, features a man named Giorno Giovanna. He is the fourth Jojo of the series. Another season is in the works featuring the only female Jojo named Jolyn Cujoh. 


Overlord is an Isekai anime. Isekai refers to a genre of anime where the characters are transported or trapped in a different world or an alternate dimension. It first came out as a light novel. Due to its success, it was adapted into an anime. The anime is very successful, having three full seasons. A fourth season is highly anticipated by the fans. 

Overlord follows the story of a guy who loves to play a virtual massive multiplayer online video game. One day, the game shuts down. After the official shutdown, the main antagonist is still on the game, seemingly trapped in the game forever. He then sets a journey to seek answers to the mysterious event. There have been many series of it, as od the time of this writing we are waiting for overlord season 4 release date.

The Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland is a psychological thriller anime. It is relatively short compared to other anime titles. Nevertheless, the anime was a commercial success. Due to its popularity, the anime is scheduled to release a second season in October 2020. A live-action film is on the works, having a release date of December 2020.

The Promised Neverland is a story of a group of children living in a seemingly perfect orphanage. They have the perfect house, they eat the best meals, they can play games, and they have a loving caretaker who they called Mom. The only rule is that they can’t go beyond the gate and the fences. One night, a group of kids learned the shocking reality behind the perfect wonderland. 


Haikyuu is a Sports-themed anime. It is one of the most-watched anime of the sports genre. There are already four seasons of the anime. There are also films and video games of the title. 

Haikyuu focuses on Volleyball. The main character is a Junior high school student who loved watching the sport after seeing it on television. He is determined to become a good volleyball player. Unfortunately, he is not very tall. But because of his favourite player, nicknamed Tiny Giant, he is determined to follow his footsteps and become the best volleyball player.